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I really love my Kindle.   I can take all my books with me quite easily. It’s light, portable, and the battery lasts at least a month! When I’m not reading books, my Kindle does a good job as a calculator, stopwatch, and gaming device (through the use of installed programs). When I’m at the […]


Gray Hair

Some years ago, just as the internet was really taking off, I heard a Paul Harvey “The Rest Of the Story” story. If you’ve never heard one of Paul Harvey’s “Rest of the Story” broadcasts, you can catch one right here below: Anyhow, after all these years, I decided to look up the information Mr. […]



Spring Or Winter

Just in time for all you new iPad3 owners! It’s the hottest item since, well, the iPad3!  The iGlove! Simply slip on these heavy-duty, heat resistant (to 5,000 degrees!) protective welding gloves and play with your new iPad3 without worrying about burning your hands due to overheating issues. Only $209.99 a pair! Protect your hands […]



Here’s another video (shot with the Asus Transformer Prime tablet in 1080 HD) showing just a bit more of the process involved in creating a George comic strip. Many times, while searching for an idea or gag, I’ll make notes or thumbnail sketches on the margins of the template. It’s not unusual to see a […]


Video Games