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Happy Thanksgiving! While you’re preparing the big meal, here’s a fun word game. Simply click on the image to enlarge and print out. (Adjust the image size on the page to your liking).  The answers are printed on the same page upside down, so no peeking!



I love tech and gadgets.  And I use a lot of different devices and digital tools to help me create my comic strip “George” and other cartoon features. With this in mind, I wanted to pass along a quick tip regarding the Chromebook.  More and more, schools around the country are issuing students Chromebooks to […]




If you’ve visited this blog or my YouTube channel before, you know that I’m a big advocate of Linux.  I use Linux on all my desktop and notebook computers.  I use GIMP Photo Editing, Scribus Desktop Publishing, LibreOffice Suite and others to create my comic strips, panels, blog posts, etc. Lately, I’ve been very intrigued […]


Go Deep

I thought I’d do a follow up to my CRT TV/Converter box post.  I know a lot of readers, like me,  continue to use these great old TVs.  In fact, these are the only kind of television I have in my home studio.  I love ’em!  They’re built like tanks, give you a great 480p […]