My Kindle housed in its new Mareware cover.

My Kindle housed in its new Mareware cover.

I recently bought a cover my Kindle. I didn’t think I wanted a cover, but after using it for almost a year, I decided to give one a try.

Before I made my purchase, I did a little research on available covers.

The Kindle Keyboard has a couple of openings on the left hand side that allow you to plug it into a specially made cover. The prongs on the cover are metal and draw power from Kindle’s battery allowing it to power a compact on-board light.  Or, you can buy one of these covers without an on-board light.

I was about to buy one of these plug-in covers without the light, when I noticed a few reviews saying the metal prongs, somehow, shorted out their Kindle. This didn’t happen to all Kindle users, but it did happen to some.

So, I decided not to take a chance with the metal prong cover.

Instead, I found a cover where the Kindle slips into place.  No metal prongs, no drain on the battery, and no potential to short out.

It’s the Marware Eco-Vue Kindle Leather Folio cover for the Kindle Keyboard.  It lists for $34.99.  On, it sells for $20.99.  I still felt that was a bit steep.

Well, I found the cover at a website called  They had it on sale for only $12.99!  (Or you can buy two for only $19.98 plus shipping!)

Visit and give the video a look to see how exceptional this cover really is.

This cover  is terrific!  Exactly what I was looking for!  You can open and read your Kindle just like a book, or fold it back and use the strap to hold the Kindle with one hand.  The leather (and inside microfiber) is soft and comfortable, holds the Kindle firmly in place, and sort of “disappears” into the background, so to speak, while you read.

If you’e like me, you’re reading from your Kindle all the time.  Holding a “naked” Kindle does get a bit uncomfortable after a long period of time.  Sometimes, we’d like to have a bit more to hold on to.  This cover solves that need.  It’s a wonderful addition.  It gives your Kindle the feel of a book, adds very little weight,  and and keeps it protected.

If you have a Kindle Keyboard, this is the cover to get.


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