The original Fountain Pentel Pen.

The original Fountain Pentel Pen.

Paul Fell, a very talented cartoonist and good friend, introduced me to a terrific pen for cartooning a number of years ago. It was the Fountain Pentel Pen.

The Fountain Pentel was a disposable fountain pen and allowed the cartoonist to draw with a varying line thickness.  And laying down thin and thick lines really gives life and spark to your cartoons.

Well the Fountain Pentel was wonderful!  After using it, I posted on an older website of mine, “A cartoonist friend recently introduced me to the Fountain Pentel pen and it is absolutely the most amazing pen I’ve ever used! Made by Pentel, it has a fountain pen shaped nib that holds up over a long period of time. It gives thin and thick lines, has a great looking ink…and unfortunately has been discontinued. If you can find these pens (they sell for about $2.00-$3.00), snap them up!”

Well, it was true. It had been discontinued. I couldn’t find them locally at all. Fortunately, Paul located some in his neck of he woods and was kind enough to mail me several.

I used and treated them like gold knowing I had a finite supply.

Just the other day, I looked in my stash of Fountain Pentels and noticed I was down to my last one!

Unbelievably, simply through needing a fresh supply of other pens and cartooning tools, I discovered that Pentel has brought back the Fountain Pentel and are selling it under the new name,  “Stylo.”

I snapped up a few to make sure it was the same pen.  It is.

Like I said, it’s an amazing and wonderful pen for cartooning.  Grab it and take it for a test drive. You won’t be disappointed.

You can get the pen from (And  I think my friend Paul may be getting a few in the mail soon, too.)


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  1. Shaun Raven

    Interesting – this is still called the Fountain Pentel in the UK – and it’s still available – use them myself sometimes…

    • Mark

      Wow! Had I known that, it would’ve been a great excuse for me to make a trip across the pond!:)

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