PCLinuxOS_2007_CZ-logo.svg: David Smid

PCLinuxOS_2007_CZ-logo.svg: David Smid

My brother tom’s Lenovo Thinkpad notebook computer was giving him all kinds of problems. He had put it aside some time ago as he was unable to use it.  It just woudn’t run properly.

I told him I might be able to help.

He gave me the computer and I installed Linux.

Specifically, I wiped the entire hard drive of Windows and all it’s viruses and other infections and installed a fresh copy of PCLinuxOS.

It couldn’t have been easier.

In only three or four clicks, the entire operating system and software programs installed to the hard drive in less than 20 minutes. I then did the update to make sure all the programs were current. All in all, in less than 45 minutes, PCLinuxOS was up and running breathing new life into my brother’s Thinkpad notebook computer.

And the really cool part was, the installation disk did all the work!   It formatted and partitioned the hard drive, allocated swap space, installed the most popular programs and then ejected itself when I rebooted.  All I had to do was click “next” or “continue.”

Do you have a Windows computer that’s giving you problems?  Want a new computer?  Get PCLinuxOS.


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