Adrian Sinnott's latest book, "A Boy and His Sog."

Adrian Sinnott's latest book, "A Boy And His Sog."

Being a member of the National Cartoonists Society, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot ofreally wonderful talented cartoonists.  One of the most talented, likable, gregarious, and all around good guys is Adrian Sinnott.  Adrian is not only an amazingly talented cartoonist/illustrator and writer, he’s a wiz when it comes to anything and everything with Mac computers and Photoshop.  Adrian is probably the dean of Photoshop and all the processes involved with it.

Which is why i’m so excited to let my blog readers know about Adrian’s newest Ebook.  It’s called “A Boy and His Sog.”  It’s available on the iTunes, and other outlets for all tablets and Ereaders .  Given Adrian’s artistic and digital expertise, the artwork is going to look GORGEOUS on your iPad or Android tablet. (So you’ll want to get it for your iPad/tablet to see all the beautiful color).

It’s a wonderful and engaging story with Adrian’s characteristically fun art.  And it has a terrific price of only 99 cents!

If you’re looking for a terrific story with delightful artwork for your iPad or Android device, download Adrian’s book today.  One reader has already  posted a five-star review saying, “Love this book!”  You will, too!


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