Steve Jobs recently revealed the plans for Apple’s new headquarters.

It’s just an amazing structure. And, I do have one suggestion which might help.

Mr. Jobs mentioned that, once the building becomes a reality, architectural students from all over will come to Cupertino, California to study it. On the other end of the discussion, the city council would like to get just a little bit more from Apple. The city council would like to see an Apple store in Cupertino. Mr. Jobs feels that an Apple store in Cupertino may not be successful due to the lack of traffic.

Well, the new headquarters is going to house 12,000 employees. And according to Mr. Jobs, students (and tourists, perhaps – my words) will come from all over to see and study this building. That’s a lot of traffic right there. So, why not put an Apple store in the new headquarters building?

Maybe it’s just the Linux geek in me, but I’d love to someday take a tour of this building and then stop by the Apple store to buy a souvenir.


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