As many of you know, thsi past Christmasd I received a terrific gift form the nephews.  the Asus Transformer Prime Tablet. Well, I purchased the keyboard.  thsi allows you to plug the tablet in and turn the entire set-up into a very fast and powerful netbook.  Plus, it gives you up to 18 hours of battery time.  Wow!

The fit and finish is top notch.  the tablet smoohly and snugly glides right into the keyboard.   It’s brilliant!

The Asus Transfomrer Prime has become my number one mobile computing device.  When I’m on the road, I can use the tablet to surf the internet, check email, and keep up on breaking news.

Plug the tablet into the keyboard, and now I can update my blog and  type out longer, give in-depth answers to email.  Plus, I still have touchscreen access of the tablet while plugged in.

If you’re looking for a tablet, this is the one to get.   The ASUS Transformer Prime Tablet with keyboard.


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