Tablets are mobile computing devices. You take them on the go. And, when you transport your tablet, you want to make sure it’s well protected.

I needed a case for my Asus Prime tablet. I didn’t want to get the kind of case that are available for most iPads. These are very similar to book covers. The iPad snaps in and you open the case like a book to access your tablet.

Because the Asus Transformer has the ability to plug into a keyboard dock, I wanted a padded case that was going to accomodate both the tablet and keyboard, as well as, the charger and whatever other little devices (USB thumbdrives, Micros SD card adapters, etc.) I might need.

I pickee up a very good padded cover form Walmart. it’s by Swiss Gear and rally does a nice jjob. ther’s plenty of room for the Asus tablet and additonal room to accomodate the keyboard dock.  it also has a zippered pocket to house the charger, thumbdrives,, etc.

Give it a look.   If you get an Asus Transformer Prime, Consider this Swiss Gear case.  It’s a terrific padded case that allows you to take your tablet on the go while keeping it nicely protected.


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