Happy Thanksgiving!  You probably have some time on your hands today as you wait for the turkey and dressing to cook.  Why not try a new graphics editing software application?

It’s called Aviary Feather.  It’s easy to use and  free with the Google Chrome web browser.

If you haven’t already tried Google Chrome, stop off at their site and install this terrific browser. Linux users can install Google Chromium from their respective repository.

Once you have Google Chrome, simply go to the Chrome store and install Aviary Feather from the productivity area.

Aviary Feather is meant to be an easy one step photo editing solution.  It comes with many intuitive adjustment tools at your immediate disposal and ready to go.

Just upload a photo and start editing.

Aviary Feather also has a few fun filters you can play with.  I used the “Instant!” filter on the above left photo.  (That’s me with legendary Australian cartoonist Jim Russell.  If you want to learn more about this wonderful cartoonist and gentleman, check out Steve Panozzo’s tribute page to Jim.)  The filter turns your digital photo into one that may have been taken by an old Polaroid Instant camera.

So before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade begins or after you settle in from that second piece of pumpkin pie, give Aviary Feather a try.


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