I was in my studio Sunday morning and at the computer.

I was taking care of few things regarding my cartoon features. I was also checking in at the PCLinuxOS forums with a couple of questions.  Ya know, just busy Sunday cartoon/computer stuff.

The morning became afternoon and I was engrossed typing away at the keyboard.

Anyhow, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a bunch of leaves falling. Well, they looked like leaves at first.

When I looked up, it turns out that those leaves were actually birds were landing on the hill overlooking the lake.   Hundreds of birds. I grabbed my cell phone and grabbed what footage I could.

When I opened the door, I figured they’d take off.  Well, they took flight just from seeing me stand up to get my cell phone.  I guess they were looking through the wndow at me just as much as I was looking at them.  You can see many of these birds just sitting in the trees (That’s my dad on the audio. He noticed all the birds sitting in the trees).

I happened to see this same heavy migration yesterday from a neighbor’s yard looking out towad the fields and woods.  Thouands of birds flying at tree-top level chirping loudly as they traveled south.

So, I was a bit surprised to see them outside the window.

The neat thing about having a studio way out in the sticks is sometimes you see some really amazing stuff from nature.  It’s my own Discovery Channel right out my window!


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