I’ve been using the Chrome browser on my Linux systems for some time now and I’m a big fan! I did encounter a few rough spots here and there as I was learning some on the ins and outs, but now, it’s my primary browser of choice.

So, I was happy to discover that the folks at Google developed the Chrome browser for the Android OS. They’ve recently released Beta version that is compatible with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Well, I immediately downloaded and installed on my Asus Transformer Prime Tablet.

Wow! it is, by far, the best browser out there for mobile devices and tablets! Yes, it’s still in beta and they need to add some support here and there. For instance, from what I can see, Flash is not fully enabled. You can use youtube, but flash videos on other sites aren’t yet visible. I expect that flash support to be coming soon with future updates.

The really neat feature is how Chrome for Android syncs up with your Chrome desktop. When Chrome is running on your desktop, and you have any number of tabs open, booting your tablet or phone into Chrome Android will pick up all those open browser tabs. THAT is slick! So, you can continue on your mobile device where you left off on your desktop.

If you’re running Android 4.0, give Chrome for Android a try. Like me, you’ll end up using it as your primary browser for all your devices.


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