Here’s a nice side by side by side comparison of the three top E-Readers.

I own a Kindle Keyboard and really enjoy reading with it. (I don’t think I’ll ever go back to reading traditional books again.) However, the Sony has a lot of nice features. Sadly, you cannot move your Kindle books to the Sony. The Kindle uses a proprietary file format that is not readable on the Sony. If I were to buy the Sony E-Reader, I’d have to re-purchase all my Kindle books in a format compatible with the Sony E-Reader.

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  1. Crow

    We have two Kindles, both very simple but I love the free 3G in one of them (my kids use it) the other is where I have all the manuals and books I need for my work, I’m always ready without the bulk 🙂
    Still, I love the paper books and read fiction on them from time to time, right now the final chapter of Eragon, which I had to begin again since I didn’t finish it in December.

    • Mark

      I have a couple of Kindle Keyboards. I have the free 3G models. 3G on the KK is really a better deal than the newer Kindle Touch. The 3G on the KK is more open and allows for web browsing, whereas, the Touch’s 3G, I’m told, is a bit more restrictive.

      I especially like the way Amazon has borrowing books form the library set up. No software program to download to your PC (A good thing for use PCLinuxOS/Linux users). Just visit the library’s digital site, checkout the book, it gets sent to your amazon account, and you send it to your device. After 14 days, it goes away. I just finished “Farewell, Titanic: Her Final Legacy” by Charles Pelligrino ( a library loan). I’m now starting “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein. Again, a book borrowed form the library.

      I’d consider getting the Sony PRS-T1 only because it can download a library book directly to the device. No PC is required. But, I have an Android tablet, so it’s really no big deal logging into my digital library account and then my amazon account. But, if the Sony price were to drop…:)

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