This video was made by Google+. It was created by a pretty amazing app called “Auto Awesome.”

The application scans all your photos on your tablet and other devices. these are mostly the photos backed up to your Google+ account. Once uploaded to Google+, they get assembled, edited with fades and other transitions, a soundtrack is added, etc. It’s all done automatically.:) I didn’t select any photo or photos. Google+ determined this on its own. You can see the randomness in the process due to one photo of “Double Take” (my comic feature in progress) being displayed upside down. I did accidentally take the photo upside down. Not sure how that happened, but I left it in my photos archive and Google+ selected it to be included. I’m sure there’s a way to correct it by manually overriding the automatic editing whereby I can flip the Double Take photo 180 degrees.

Until then, please enjoy my first Auto Awesome video! It’s called “Drawing George.


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