I’m having a lot of fun playing around with the time-lapse function on my Asus Transformer Prime. I thought I’d give it a try while drawing a George cartoon.

This enables me to show you a bit of the process, compressed, in how I construct a George comic strip panel.

I start out with a blue line sketch and indicate where things should be placed (approximately). Once I have all the elements mapped out, then I do the final inking. As you can see in this time-lapse, I don’t always follow those blue lines. I sometimes adjust as I do the final inking.

The final time-lapse result is pretty neat. I’m going to try and do more of these. I do need a new set up to support the tablet. My current method, although it works, is still a bit cramped while doing the actual drawing.

Enjoy the show! It goes by fast. Feel free to leave any comments. (Yes, that little jump at the end is me exhaling. My breath accidentally moved the page.)


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