The RadioMee player

The RadioMee player

The other day, I blogged about using the Google Chrome browser (Chromium browser in Linux).

Well, I’ve been suing it more and more since then. I’ve installed all kinds of free applications.  I’ve got photo editing, AutoCad, financial bookkeeping, word processing, entertainment, games… I gotta tell ya, it’s pretty darn slick!

As you know, I love radio. I listen to internet radio on a table top model (and it makes a great Chritmas gift!)

But internt radio is also available via your internet browser and the web.

Google Chrome has a wonderful radio app called RadioMee. It installs in a click in a few seconds. Once you register, you can then surf over 10,000 radio stations from around the world.

You can also listen to over 6,000 podcasts and watch the latest news from AFP. You can also check out the weather and your horoscope.

Right now, I’m listening to LBC out of London, England!

The interface is quite friendly and you can quickly find your station by continent, country, and genre.

Whether you run Linux, Mac, or Windows, download Google Chrome (or Chromium) and give it a go!  You’ll love RadioMee and many other apps available in the Google Chrome Web Store.

I’m beginning to think that Google Chrome really is a better browser.

(I do have one reservation about syncing to the Google Cloud.  I like it, but I’m also a bit apprehensive of it.   I need to research this a bit more and will report later.)


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  1. David Murphy

    ha, you make the same typos I do – suing for using. 🙂

    • Mark

      Whoops!:) Yep.:) I make that mistake all too often.:) Now I gotta leave it in so folks will understand your comment.:)

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