Google Currents is a digital magazine feed that brings popular magazines to your tablet! Import your favorite magazines to your library and read them while offline.
The best part is, all subscriptions are absolutely free. Google Currents is available for Android 2.2 and higher. I can tell you first hand, Google Currents runs incredibly well on Android Ice Cream Sandwich powered by my Asus Transformer Prime Tablet.


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  1. Jim Jensen

    Loooks like a really cool App i tried it on my Nexus one but it was to large to run.

    Actually it would run on my Nex but i would have to kill off some other important apps i have.

    Cant wait to get me a Tablet you have me Excited

    • Mark

      It’s terrific!:) I especially enjoy 500px which is a digital Life magazine of sorts. Photos from contributors from all around the globe. Updated so you can see a contributor’s photo that they snapped an hour earlier.

  2. Harry Hilders

    And that was my leisure time. Was doubting whether to bring my Transformer on holiday, but now that I know I can read all these magazines so easily by the pool…. easy choice 🙂

  3. Mark

    Harry, Excellent to hear.:) Make sure you sync up before you leave (in case you’lll be away form Wi-fi) . I’ve found that some magazines are weekly, some daily, and some, like “500 px,” are hourly.

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