Mark Szorady

Mark Szorady

I started my cartooning career back in the late 1970’s by drawing a daily comic strip for the school newspaper, The Ohio State Lantern.  The comic strip was called George and, I gotta tell ya, having it published in a college newspaper was a big deal!  I was thrilled at the opportunity!  The Lantern was one of the largest college newspapers in the nation with an estimated readership of about 80,000.

Then, I was picked up by King Features where George appeared in their weekly package and was syndicated to 1600 newspapers nationwide!  Nine years later, I found myself with DBR Media drawing not only George but three other features (Double Take, Word Pile, and George’s Word Ladder) to, once again, hundreds of newspapers!   Being syndicated with DBR Media was a HUGE step forward for me.  I not only got to draw  George, but had the opportunity to create these new features.   They really let me get creative!   It was a wonderful opportunity and experience!

Today, upon the launch this blog, I’ll again reach millions of readers!  And, happily, The comic strip is the same one, George!  And, from time to time, I may drop in one of my other features (Double Take, Word Pile, George’s Word Ladder, and I knew That!) as it pertains to my blog posts.

I hope you enjoy reading George and this blog as much I enjoy bringing it to you.

My sincere thanks to King Features, Diane Eckert of DBR Media (a BIG thank you to Diane!), and all the readers who have followed my comics over the years.  But, most of all, heartfelt thanks to Ohio State, it’s students, faculty, and staff who read my comic strip every day during the four years I attended that great university.  And a special thanks to the The Lantern for giving me my start!

Go Buckeyes!


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  1. Rudge

    Way to go Mark. I’m gonna love George and his antics!

  2. longtom

    This looks nice. I have this bookmarked and can’t wait for the next update. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Gary

    ComicPress is looking good, works well with WordPress.

  4. Mark

    @Gary. Thank you.:) I agree. WP & CP are terrific! I like the way things are set up. Ad it’s been fairly easy finding my way around the control panel. Plus, lots of nice widgets and add-ons.:)

  5. Mark

    @ Rudge and Lontom. Sincere thanks, guys.:) I appreciate the vote of confidence and support. It means a lot and really inspires me!

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