My new Asus EeePad Transformer Prime tablet is now runnning Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

The most powerful mobile computing device on the planet now runs the most powerful Android Operating System!

Android Ice Cream Sandwich is a terrific upgrade!  The above video gives you a brief look at a few of the neat new features.

Asus promised the upgrade to Android Ice Cream Sandwich on the 12th of January.  Well, they rolled it out two days early!  When I booted the tablet this morning, the upgrade was ready to go.  It took less than ten minutes to get it downloaded and installed.  It also upgraded Flash and installed new software and features for the camera.

Asus really supports this tablet and is pulling out all the stops on providing cutting edge technology (hardware and software) to it’s customers!

Hands down, folks, this is the Tablet to get!


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