I own a Kindle. Lately, I’ve been borrowing books from the local library.

It’s a simple process. Borrow the book from the library using the Overdrive website. For me, it’s located at the Ohio Ebook project, powered by Overdrive.

Once you find the Kindle book you wish to check out, you add it to your cart. Complete the checkout process and the Ebook is then sent directly to your amazon.com account where you download it to your Kindle via Wi-Fi or USB.

Well, I was speaking to some friends who both own the Barrnes & Noble Nook Ebook reader. In order for their devices to borrow books from the library, they are required to download and install a separate program to their computer.

So, I’m glad I bought the Kindle. It’s more Linux friendly. No need to download a software program (read that as Windows and Mac only). I can borrow books on any computer or tablet provided I have an internet connection.

If you’re thinking of buying an Ebook reader, I highly recommend the Kindle. You can get one simply by clicking the link below.


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  1. Crow

    My son is glad we bought him a Kindle too 🙂
    Yesterday he had to go with me to a meeting and wait outside, he read for awhile and then used the 3G to find some tricks to low his time in the Rubick’s Cube (his current obsession).
    Probably we’ll go for another one but with the new options like the Kindle Fire is not easy to choose.
    Thinking again I want one just the same, with buttons, Wi-Fi and 3G

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