A lightining bolt created entirely in Gimp.

A lightning bolt created entirely in Gimp.

On Tuesday,  I posted a friendly reminder about lighting and protecting your computer.

I needed an image for that post, and quickly turned to The Gimp to create it.  And it was easy!

I first went to Deviant Art and downloaded lighting brushes for Gimp. You can get those here.

Extract the file and drop it into your /.gimp/brushes folder (Fro Linux users).

Then, Open Gimp, select the brush tool, scroll down the brush tool menu and select a lighting bolt. Adjust the color and size and click the mouse on your canvass.  You’ve just created a lighting bolt!

Use a dark solid color as a background so the lighting effect stands out.  For added effect, I used a dark gradient.

Get Linux, Get Gimp, get creative!

(Editor’s note: This article by Mark Szorady is a reprint from a blog post that previously appeared on oneclicklinux.com.  We felt it would be informative here on georgetoon.com.)


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