A screen shot of using Scribus to edit my feature "George's Word Ladder."

A screen shot of using Scribus to edit my feature "George's Word Ladder."

This past week, I found myself on the road and away from my studio.  It was just for the day, but I needed to get some work done on my comic features.

Luckily, I’m running Linux on all my computer systems.  I run it on my studio desktop, my notebook, and my large (and slightly older) 17-inch laptop.

Now, here’s the neat thing.  Because all three systems are hooked into the same Linux repository,  I download and install identical software programs. (Note:  I’m running the same Linux distribution on all computers.)

Whenever there’s an update to the Linux OS, all three get updated at the same time.  No matter which system I boot, my operating system and software are all the same across the board.

So, to use last week as an example, I was able to take my digital artwork and load it onto my notebook.   While out on the road, I was able to use Scribus and Gimp to work on my comic game panel feature George’s Word Ladder. Scribus and Gimp are the same versions  (1.3.9 for Scribus and 2.6.11 for Gimp) I use on my desktop system.  So there’s no problem with compatibility.  I can create my document in Scribus, save it, and move it to my desktop system and open it there if I need to do additional updating.

Linux is free, stable and secure. It’s immune to Windows viruses and malware.

Once you have Linux, you own Linux!  You can install it on every computer in your household.  Simply update your Linux systems at the same time and you’ll always be compatible with whichever system you choose to use.

Get Linux.


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