If you’ve visited this blog or my YouTube channel before, you know that I’m a big advocate of Linux.  I use Linux on all my desktop and notebook computers.  I use GIMP Photo Editing, Scribus Desktop Publishing, LibreOffice Suite and others to create my comic strips, panels, blog posts, etc.

Lately, I’ve been very intrigued with the Chromebook.  I like the idea of cloud computing and always having your data and files close by.  It’s a neat concept. Even if you lose your Chromebook (or other device), you still have access to your files.  But, unfortunately, not having access to Linux programs on a Chromebook has always been a deal-breaker.  Until now.  rollApp.com allows you to run all these terrific Linux Open source Programs in the cloud in a Chromebook. In fact, you can run all available programs, on rollApp.com, on a Chromebook and across all platforms (Mac,Windows, Linux, Smart Phone,tablet, iPad, etc.)  It really is a brilliant idea.

However, there is a subscription involved.  It’s free to open and view files in all programs on all your devices.  But, if you wish to SAVE a file, then there’s a nominal fee involved. It works out to about $72.0 per year.  (rollApp gives you a 14 day trial period to save files and give things a good test drive).  Is a subscription service right for you?  Well, it all hinges on your own situation and priorities.

In comparison, Netflix is $8.99 per month.  That’s an annual fee of $107.88.  The average ticket price to attend a movie is around nine dollars.  Add in another ten bucks for concessions and a visit to the movies costs almost 20 bucks.  (Double that if you’re taking a date.)  If you attend four times a year, that’s 80 dollars for one person.

So now, $72.00 a year for rollApp, which allows you to do something productive, doesn’t seem too much to spend.

As I mention in the above video, you’re either going to spend time or money.  You could spend the time to learn Linux, get an older used computer box, download the program, install it, and learn the ropes.  I’ve done this as have many, many others.  And it’s a GREAT learning experience.

But, if all you have is a Chromebook, and you need additional tools, and don’t have the time to learn a new Operating system, etc…then rollApp is the perfect solution.  It costs less than online streaming services and allows you to be productive.  In addition, rollApp gives you a great look at what’s available in the Linux world, all in one place.  (In Windows/Mac, you have to hunt down all these programs yourself.)

So, if you’re a Chromebook user and are looking for a set of powerful computing programs that’ll make you more productive and creative, get a rollApp.com account and give your Chromebook some new tools.  And who knows?  It may serve as an introduction to Linux.  So much so, that you’ll actually download, install, and use Linux.


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