Back in my college days (Oh,I am SO dating myself here), turntables, amplifiers, tone arms, and stylus cartridges were all the rage.  These audio-phonic devices gave you music!

It wasn’t unusual to see a college student sitting in his dormitory room or fraternity house pouring through  milk crates filled with  33 1/3 vinyl albums.

It was a far cry from i-pods, MP3s, and digital music.  Taking your music collection to college with you involved hauling around a lot of equipment, not to mention all the stacks of wax. (Now you understand why cars were so much larger back then!)

I discovered this YouTube channel where you can take a step backward and see how music was played on turntables and tape decks.

The channel’s creator also uses a very clever visual device in presenting the album notes and other technical data.  A real treat and very creative.

For those of you who are old enough to remember this “technology,” it’ll be a nice walk down memory lane. For those who’ve never seen this before, you just might be surprised at how organic and “hands on” it is.  Handling a large album and placing it on a turntable platter really connected you to the music.

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