The Secrets of Professional CartooningIn this digital age, we can get information just by sitting at a keyboard and peering into a flat panel display or swiping our fingers across a tablet.  And, as much as I love Ereaders, sometimes it’s just wonderful picking up a real book!

So, if you’re interested in learning to cartoon and draw a comic strip, I’d like to recommend “The Secrets of Professional Cartooning” by Ken Muse.

This is, by far, my absolute favorite book on cartooning instruction!  This book contains a wealth of useful information on how to layout a comic strip, the kinds of pen nibs to use and how to use them, how to construct a gag, etc.

If you’re interested in cartooning and want to learn the first steps in creating, laying out, and drawing a comic strip, this is the book to get.

First published in 1981, some of the material may appear to be a bit dated, but the basics still apply.

Unfortunately, last I looked, the book is currently out of print.  But you should be able to find one in the used area of any online bookseller or on Ebay.


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  1. Norm

    A cartoonist was found dead in his home. Details are sketchy.

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