Wet shaving is more than a necessary chore guys do every morning. Some guys embrace it as a hobby.  They seek out and find vintage razors and brushes.  They spend hours restoring them.

Well, I just might do the same.  I found my late father’s old shaving brush (it has got to be every bit of 60 years old!) and am considering restoring it.

But, before I do, I thought I’d get some similar brushes.  And Ebay was the source!  Ebay has a treasure trove of vintage shaving tools!

Again, I encourage you to give wet shaving a try.  You’ll start the day off right and you’ll save A LOT of money in the long run!



The question undoubtedly come ups for every wet shaver.  How do I efficiently travel with my shaving tools?

Packing a three-piece/butterfly razor and blades is a no-brainer. If you’re jumping in your car for a weekend getaway, safety razors are easy enough to pack.  There are plenty of options from travel cases to travel razors for that weekend excursion.  Vikings Blade razors easily lend themselves for travel as they already come with cases.  (Traveling with a safety razor by airline is a different matter altogether.  There are some dos and don’ts you need to be aware of.  I’ll address these in a future post).

Some shaving creams already come in sizes easy enough for travel.  But how does the wet shaver travel with his favorite shaving soap?

I stumbled upon a quick and easy solution involving an inexpensive soap container (for brushes, no less!) and a very good shaving soap!  The above video explains all!


I love coming across simple little solutions for everyday problems. Here’s one I just stumbled upon the other day!  And it works like a charm!  For all you wet shavers out there!

And if you need a real shave stand for your brush and razor at a great price, then check out The Shave Stop!  You’ll find razors, brushes, stands. blades, and other items that will help give you the greatest shave of your life!


shavelogoI was perusing the internet the other day and came across this Ebay blog post, “5 Tips to Help You Wake Up Early.”

The one point that caught my interest was Number 4. “Plan a Nice Start to the Day.” The author suggests setting some time aside in the morning for reading a book or newspaper in order to relax and open the mind a bit.

Well, if you’ve switched to wet shaving with  a double edge razor, you’re already ahead of the curve on this one!

Wake up 15-20 minutes earlier and go through the process of giving yourself a shave the RIGHT way!

Here are some tips to help you get that great morning shave EVERY morning! (For more wet shaving tips, and shaving with a safety razor,  check my youtube channel.)

  • Soak your shaving brush in warm water.  I use The Vikings blade badger brush.  It’s a high end shaving brush at an affordable price
  • Then, take a good hot shower to help soften your beard
  • After your shower, wring out your shaving brush a bit and whip up a good lather in a shaving mug or bowl. Use a good shaving soap or cream. 
  • Use a good sharp blade and a good, well-made and balanced razor. For blades, I recently started using Personna blades. These are wonderfully sharp but also very smooth.   They provide for a smooth, close shave.  My razor of choice is The Godfather by Vikings Blade.  It’s a three-piece, long handled shaving razor with a low profile razor head.  It gives a close, smooth shave with no nicks or cuts or razor irritation.  If you want something in the area of a butterfly razor, then give Vikings Blade’s The Chieftain a try.
  • Do two to three shave passes. Lather your face with your brush, then shave with the grain (usually a down stroke).  After completely shaving the face, rinse. Then, re-lather and shave across the grain (just as i sounds. Shave horizontally across the face).  After completing this second pass, rinse again.  If needed, do a third pass by re-lathering once more and shave against the grain (uusally an up stroke.)
  • Use short two inch shave strokes and remember, DO NOT PRESS DOWN.  Touch the skin LIGHTLY with the razor and blade.  Let the cutting angle of the blade and the weight of the handle do the work.
  • After finishing the shave, moisturize and protect your skin with a good after shave balm.

If you start your morning wet shaving with a safety razor, I promise you, you’ll never go back to an electric razor, multi-blade razor, or any other new-fangled razor.  You’ll feel great, invigorated to take on the day and, in the process, be saving a lot of money!  Shaving with a double-edge safety razor is much more cost effective than shaving with cartridge razors.

If you’re just starting out, or considering switching back to wet shaving with a safety razor, I encourage you to check out The Shave Stop.  You’ll find the best shaving items at great prices!


Blue.  As in, Personna Blue.  It’s a fantastic double edge razor blade that is really very smooth and comfortable.  The blades are sharp!  but because of some sort of coating, they are incredibly smooth.  At only $13.00 for 100, you can use a new blade with each shave!

You can get them at The Shave Stop.  And while you’re there, give The Godfather razor a look (I love mine!), as well as all Vikings Blade shaving products.