If you have an Amazon Echo, then you need to get these bulbs LIFX Wi-Fi bulbs!  They are absolutely amazing!  You can set timers, change colors, use them as alarms for email or storm warnings, etc.  You’ll wonder how you did without them.

If you don’t have an Amazon Echo, I HIGHLY recommend this device!

If you want to try it out, you can start small by purchasing an Amazon Echo Dot.  At just under fifty dollars, it’s an affordavble way to see if you’ll the device.

But really, once you have the Echo Dot, you’re going to want to get the large Echo for sure.

And get the bulbs!



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The RazoRock Mission 3-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor has an extremely attractive appearance. The Chroming is simply lovely and top-notch. It has good weight, heft, and balance. Overall, the razor looks much more expensive than the price listed.

However, I immediately noticed two things during my first use.

One, although blade alignment was pretty accurate, I did need to give it a bit of a nudge just to make sure. It’s not wildly out of alignment. It’s just that, with this razor head, the blade ends protrude a bit. This gives you the opportunity to check things out. A good practice, just to be on the safe side.

And two, the blade exposure was a lot more than I’ve seen with other razors. This resulted in a shave that was close, but just a tad more harsh than smooth for me. YMMV. This may very well be an agreeably good razor for many wet shavers. It certainly depends on your skin type.

I’ve learned that my skin is a bit on the sensitive side. I prefer a more mild razor. On the upside, I used Italian Barber’s Fresco Verde Shaving Soap For Sensitive Skin. I think this gave me some added protection when using this razor.

Truthfully, I would not buy this as a starter razor for someone just learning how to wet shave. It’s a bit like jumping in the deep end. Too much, too soon.

This razor would be, however, a good second razor/gift for the person who’s learned the proper technique, etc. with a more mild razor over a period of a year or two.

A much better option for any wet shaver (beginner or seasoned veteran) is The Godfather razor by Vikings Blade.   The blade exposure is perfect!  The razor is very forgiving which results in a smooth and close shave.
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I ventured into looking at bargain razors.  These are razors that ocst under 15 to 20 dollars.  Are they worth it?  Well, yes and no.  In the above video, I look review the Classic Samurai razor (Model Number CS-202).

The photo of the CS-202 Classic Samurai on amazon.com is a bit deceptive. From the photo, I thought the handle would be much thicker. It’s not. In fact, it’s quite thin. The diameter of the handle is similar to that of the classic Gillette butterfly razor and about the same length. Still, the grip is very good and it is nicely balanced. A thinner handle can sometimes be a welcome change.:) And it feels quite dense. There is a heft and weight that, again, is deceptive. At first glance, it is more than one expects.

The box information however, describes a completely different razor than the one contained inside. It details a long-handled razor when the CS-202 is a short-handled razor.

The CS-202 comes with five Astra blades. This is a plus, because many wet shavers consider Astra to be a very good blade. Certainly above Derby blades which usually are the blade offered at this price point.

The razor cap and base plate exhibit some slippage and play. Because of this, you really need to make sure the blade is properly aligned before proceeding with a shave. This is not a major concern, but please, be aware. And, it appears to be the norm with most sub 20-dollar razors. They lack precision. Although, I will say, the blade aligns evenly on both sides of the razor head. Some of these bargain razors have lousy blade alignment whereby the blade sits lopsided in the razor cap. (One side of the blade is much more exposed than the other). Not so with the CS-202.

Using the three-pass method of wet shaving, the shave with the CS-202 is close and comfortable. Although, I did catch a slight nick on my chin. But not a major nick. It closed up with a final cold water rinse. The blade exposure is considerable and you’d think this would be a very aggressive shave. Yet, the shave is surprisingly more mild than anticipated.

The razor is not at all bad for 15 bucks! I get the impression that this little guy will last for years.

However, if you’d rather not have to constantly check blade alignment (when loading a new blade) and require a handle that is thicker in diameter, then there are alternatives. My personal favorite, and “goto” razor, is The Godfather by Vikings Blade.  Believe me, The Godfather is a razor you’ll want to use every single day!  And it’s worth every penny!  So, spending an extra 15 to 20 dollars (and up) assures you a shaving instrument with much more precision. And The Godfather gives you just that.

But for those on a budget, the CS-202 is a nice little razor. If you travel, it’ll do the job and you won’t stress-out if it gets lost.  Losing a 15 dollar razor is not as bad as losing your 40 or 50 dollar razor!

For other great razors and wet shaving gear, check out The Shave Stop!


The Amazon Echo, is hands down, the BEST Christmas gift anyone can receive!

How do I know? Because, last year, I received an Amazon Echo (the Echo you see in the above video) as a Christmas gift!  (Since then, I’ve added two more Echo Dots!)

Over the past year, it has been indispensable! I use it for shopping, news, music, directions, information, games, cooking, programs (podcasts) and much much more!

If you’re in need of a last minute gift, Give an Amazon Echo!

On a budget?  Then the Amazon Echo Dot is affordable but still contains the same high tech goodness!

Hurry, they’re both still on sale!



The Echo Dot is probably the one of the biggest Christmas gifts this season!

The Dot is affordable (less than 50 bucks!) and does so much!

It plays music and news, can be used as an alarm or timer, answers general knowledge questions, helps with converting units of measure, etc.  The Dot also allows you to to control your home appliances (lights, thermostats, etc.) simply by using voice commands!

In this video I show how easy it is to pair a bluetooth speaker, especially if you have more than one Dot.

Need a last minute gift?  Give an Amazon Echo Dot!  Feeling really generous?  Give the large Amazon Echo!