Not the movie, but the razor!

Here’s my unboxing and first look at the BRAND NEW (and just released, new on the market ) THE GODFATHER razor from the folks at Vikings blade.

It’s a sleek three-piece razor with an absolutely gorgeous handle and precise razor head. This razor promises to be something really special. A wonderful presentation when initially opened, it looks to exceed all expectations for shaving closeness and comfort. I was given this razor for free in exchange for an unbiased review. Well, I’m absolutely floored at the wonderful look and feel of this razor. Get one now at The Shave Stop because, my guess is, they are going to sell fast!


If, for some reason, you find yourself traveling and forgot your safety razor, simply step into a local big box store and pick up the Van der Hagen razor. It comes with five blades and can give you a fairly decent shave in a pinch.

As many readers know, I’m a big fan of the Vikings Blade Razor.  I highly recommend it.  But, if you’re on a budget or, again, find yourself away from home and needing a safety razor, the Van der Hagen can be found in just about any discount store.

Both the Vikings Blade Razor and The Van der Hagen Razor can be purchased at The Shave Stop.


It used to be that I would buy all sorts of new drawing tools, try them out, and then decide whether I’d use them in my day to day creation of cartoons and comics.

Well, now, it appears my new “tool test drives” are for wet shaving (AKA DE Shaving, wet shaving, safety razor shaving).

If you want to give wet shaving a try (and you should), check out The Shave Stop for safety razors and more!


My adventure in shaving led me to meet, online, Steve Hardy! Steve resides in Australia.  He has a terrific  youtube channel where he talks about all things related to wet shaving. It’s informative and quite entertaining.  Steve also find incredible deals on razors, shaving creams, etc.  that he links at the bottom of his videos.  He also has a terrific video on an American made stainless steel razor here.  Steve also does a follow-up shaving video using the same Rockwell 6S here.

Again, this is the kind of stuff I enjoy watching.  I learn something new, meet new people, but, most of all, it gives me a chance to give my mind a breather away from the drawing board.  And, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s when I’m doing something unrelated to the drawing board and cartooning is when some of my funniest ideas pop into my head.:)

And, guys, give wet shaving a try.  It’s a great way to start the day!  Subscribe to Steve’s channel.  He’ll help you along.:)



This is the pen I use for inking in all my comic strips and cartoon features. You can get one by clicking here.  this pen and other drawing tools are available  at The Georgetoon Studio Stop.

The non-photo blue pencils I talk about are also avaible at The Georgetoon Studio Stop. You can get them here.