I just wanted to give all my readers an update about visiting Niagara Falls on the American side.

I’ve embedded a Google Map which shows you the Niagara Falls State Park, Maid of the Mist tour, and local hotels. It’s an interactive map, so feel free to zoom in and out.

The map shows you the locations of  The Sheraton, Comfort Inn, Seneca Resort and Casino, and a few others.  All are walking distance to the Rainbow Bridge and the Canadian border.

You stay in Niagara Falls can include both sides, American and Canadian.  One day can be spent on the American side enjoying the natural beauty of the park, the excitement of the casino or some of the other local sites.   A big attraction is the Cave of the Winds.

Then, the next day, grab your passport and your walking shows.   Get an early start to beat the crowds and head over to the Rainbow bridge.   The Rainbow Bridge is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.   Enjoy a nice walking tour of the Canadian side of the falls.

But here’s a tip, simply walk along the park, cross over to goat island and make your way to Terrapin Point.  Terrapin Point is right next to the Canadian Falls.  Terrapin Point just reopened in June of this year.   It’s newly landscaped and offers one of the most truly beautiful views of the Canadian Falls!

I’m going back.


In two previous blog entries, I talked about a road-trip I took with family to Niagara Falls.  Part of our trip involved crossing the border into Canada.  Whenever I travel, I always pack an overnight bag just in case.  You never know when, for whatever reason, you find yourself having to spend a night while on the road.

My overnight bag is pretty simple.  Some spare clothes, toothbrush, razor (in this case my Vikings Blade Chieftain), shaving cream, after shave balm, etc.   I try to keep things in my toiletries case to a bare minimum.  But this new brush from Vikings Blade, along with its tubular case, would certainly travel well if needed in a pinch.

I had just received the Vikings Blade Badger shaving brush right before our road trip.  I left it at home as I didn’t want to risk losing it so soon after acquiring it!   Plus, I needed to give it a good test drive, shoot some video, etc.  It’s better to do this at home than on the road.

Well, this brush is gorgeous!  It a has a wonderful heft and high polish that just screams manliness!   The badger hair is soft and smooth. The brush also contains a bit of backbone which will allow you to quickly whip up a generous lather. You can get this brush and other Vikings Blade products at The Shave Stop. You can also read my amazon review here.  And please visit http://vikingsblade.com/ to learn more about this wonderful company!

Mark at the American side of Niagara Falls.

Mark at the American side of Niagara Falls. (Click to see larger image).

This past Labor day weekend (Sunday, specifically), I did a roadtrip with some family members to Niagara Falls. Living here in Northeast Ohio is a bit of an advantage in that we’re only three hours away by automobile.   So, we can make the trip all in one day.  It makes for a long day, but well worth it!

Our primary reason for making the trip was to take the Jet Boat tour.  I detailed this in my previous blog post.  Check it out here.  But we also took advantage of good timing and boarded the Maid of The Mist.

The Maid of The Mist is simply awesome! Make sure you take this boat ride for sure! You’ll certainly see the Falls in an entirely new way! Wet!

I have to say, the American side of the Falls is absolutely beautiful!  The state park which is adjacent to, and a part of, The Maid of The Mist gift shop and center is glorious! You can walk right next to the Falls and river in a scenic, natural setting devoid of all the commercialization, crowds and traffic congestion often seen on the Canadian side during peak hours.

And from what others tell me, the addition of a hotel and casino make it a great place to get a room and stay the night.  If you choose, you can grab your passport and walk across the Rainbow Bridge into Canada.  But expect long lines going through customs, especially during busy holidays.

Frankly, the Canadian side has always been quite nice.  But the over-crowded sidewalks and crush of tourists can make it less appealing.  Granted, we went on Labor Day Weekend which certainly added to the already large throngs of visitors.  But still, There is a LOT to do on the Canadian side.  Yes, it can be a bit noisy and “touristy.”  But this is also part of it’s charm.  Because woven in-between many of these “tourist traps” are some exceptional restaurants and shops.  And if you happen to visit during an off-peak time, the paths along the Falls are open and spacious.

If you want to visit the Canadian side, many recommend that you get a room on the American side, leave early in the morning to walk across the Rainbow bridge, and plan a day for walking and sight-seeing.  (Make sure you have a valid Passport.)  Then, try to make a beeline back to America, again, during off-peak crossing times.  And remember, when visiting Niagara Falls, good walking shoes are essential!

Mark and Jim at Niagara Falls.

Me with my brother Jim at Niagara Falls. (Click to see larger image).

If you live within a two, three, or four hour drive, then make it a point to jump in your car and get to Niagara Falls!








So, you’ve decided to visit Niagara Falls? Get a great deal on a camera!


I’ve talked about a lot of things in this blog. Mostly, I’ve discussed cartooning, Linux and lately, wet shaving. But now comes something REALLY wet!

We closed out our summer with a road-trip to Niagara Falls!  The highlight of our one day get-away was Jet Boating!  My brother Jim, his son Mike, Mike’s girlfriend Brittni, and I piled into a Jet Boat to take a wet and wild tour of the Niagara River

This is something EVERYONE has got to try!  It’s like white-water rafting on steroids!

Mark, Jim, Mike, and Brittni about to board the Jet Boat and get VERY wet! (Click to see larger image).

We fist learned about this tour from our good frined and Fox8 TV’s own Neil Zurcher.  Neil originated the “One Tank Trip reports that have captivated the Northeast Ohio viewing audience for the last 30 years.  At a recent book signing, Neil was asked which “One Tank Trip” was his favorite.  He told us that his most exciting trip was the Jet Boat tour on the Niagara River.  it’s a trip he highly recommended.  With an endorsement like that, we had to give it a try.

It was worth every single penny!

You, too, can take a Jet boat tour.  Just give Whirlpool Jet Boat Tours a call or visit their web site!


Ah, the morning shave!  Nothing starts the day out better than the feel of a sharp blade taking down beard bristle smoothly and cleanly.

The key ingredients are a good razor, a sharp blade, and a shaving cream that lubricates the skin and beard allowing for a smooth, clean, irritation-free shave.

This is why I include in today’s blog post a video I shot of Vikings Blade Shave Cream.  This is an old school approach to shaving creams.  It goes on thick, becomes light and frothy, and really lubricates!  Plus, it has an absolutely manly scent!

Used with a Vikings Blade Godfather razor or their original Chieftain, you’l get a real wonderful shave!  And who doesn’t want to stat the day feeling and looking good?

You can read my full review at amazon.  You can also buy all Vikings Blade products at The Shave Stop.