I’m really getting into wet shaving.  so much so, that, yes, I’m actually shooting videos about the various products I use.

Well, the reason is, wet shaving (also know as “DE Shaving” or “double edge shaving”) is becoming quite popular again.  And ere is an air of mystery around it.   My father always said that a safety razor and lathered soap delivered the very best shave.  he was right.  the problem was, he never gave me any instruction in the proper technique.  hence, I hacked up my face and quickly moved to disposable razors and then electric razors.

Whether it was cartooning or Linux, there was always a bit of mystery surrounding the process.  And I had to dig a bit to learn how to cartoon or how to install Linux to a computer.

It’s the same thing with wet shaving.  But youtube comes to the rescue!  There are thousands of videos on youtube which give you proper technique, top products, reviews, etc.

And these are my contribution to help make those who want to RELLY learn of to shave.

And, of course, you can get the Vikings Blade Razor at The Shave Stop.




Back during my college days, before Google and digital imaging, the race was always on to get a book from the library in order to complete an assigned mid-term paper.  Many times, all you needed to do was reference a page or two from the book.  Predictably, all copies of the book were always checked-out by another student.  And that left you waiting for the book, and the needed information, to complete your paper.

Some students, knowing others needed the book for the same mid-term paper,  were a bit more considerate and simply found the pages, paid the ten cents to make a copy at the library’s copy machine, and then returned the book.

It would’ve been great if we’d had a portable scanner!  Then it’s simply a matter of running the wand over the needed pages, and voila!  No need to check-out the book or pay for copies.

vupoint dockingWell, a portable scanner is exactly what I use today.  And, coincidentally, it was recommended to me by a friend who is college professor (now retired).  He used it in the exact same way I had imagined years earlier.  To digitally record/grab information for research papers from various books and periodicals.

When he showed it to me, I quickly saw the advantages, and bought one!  I use it to scan my cartoons and drawings.  I use it in my studio and I take it on the road.

I bought one a couple of years ago and, even though it works great, these devices have gotten BETTER and cost a lot less today!  I paid almost $100.00 for mine!  Now, you can pick one up for around 70 bucks.  It has better resolution and comes with a docking station so you also use it as a sheet feed scanner!  Brilliant!

It’s in the Georgetoon Studio Store at a great price!

While I really like my current model wand scanner, this newer device is definitely on my upgrade list!


If you live in an older home, check the medicine cabinet.

From what I understand, years ago, this was a very common feature in bathrooms across America.


studiostopReaders of this blog and budding cartoonists always ask me what tools I use to create my cartoon features.  Well, I’m happy to announce that I’ve created an online store where you can purchase the very items I use!

It’s called Georgetoon Studio Stop!  I’ve listed all the pencils, pens, sharpeners, etc. that I use each and every day to create “George” and all my cartoon features.  In addition, I’ve listed the electronics that populate my studio and home.  I’ve included these items because I find that they are in constant use for information and entertainment while I draw.  These devices actually help me create.

Please give the Georgetoon Studio Stop a look.   And make sure to return often as I’ll be updating the store with new items.  As my needs change so will the tools I use.


I know that cartoonists are really creative people.  But, we take for granted the truly ingenious people working in industries that one would not think as being creative.

Case in point is this caffeinated shaving cream by Pacific Shaving Company.  It’s a unique, and creative, approach to a long-standing staple of the morning shave routine.  By adding the creative twist of caffeine, the product now stands out!  It also brings the user all the healthful benefits of caffeine. VERY creative!

I’ve used it and it’s great!  You can find this and other great shaving products at The Shave Stop.