Here’s one more look at products from the folks at Shaveology.

Shaveology’s Advanced 2-in-1 After Shave Balm Lotion is quickly becoming my favorite part of my post shave routine. I’m using it after every shave because I can feel it working. It does exactly what it claims. Yes, it hydrates and protects the skin for sure. But, it also calms the skin of razor burn and any small nicks or cuts that may have occurred during your shave. I noticed this on first application.

Shaveology Advanced 2-in-1 Anti-Aging After Shave Balm lotion Infused with Golden Seaweed

Shaveology Griffin Razor

Shaveology Premium Rich Anti-Aging Shave Cream Lather infused with Golden Seaweed:

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So, you’ve decided to give wet shaving a try, but you’re a bit confused about which razor, soap, etc. to purchase and use.

In the above video, I show you my personal choices for the tools that will give you great results when you take your very first wet shave.  I’m very confident that these items will give you such a wonderful result, you’ll want to continue wet shaving for the rest of your life.

I strongly recommend using The Godfather Razor by Vikings Blade.  This razor is, without a doubt, my very favorite!  And it’s perfect for wet shaving beginners. You’ll experience a smooth, close shave without nicks, cuts or irritation.  The low profile Gillette Tech head  encloses the ends of the razor blade thereby increasing its safety.  Additionally, the razor head allows you to easily find the perfect shaving angle every time.

I’ve tested and used a good number of safety razors, but I keep coming back to My Godfather Razor by Vikings Blade.  It’s made from premium materials and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

The Godfather Razor also comes with five razor blades which the folks at Vikings Blade describe as being neutral. While these are good for most beginners, you’l soon want to try different blades to find one that suits your particular skin and beard.  I’ve found that Astra blades are quite good.  But, my absolute favorite razor blade, and the one I use every day, is Personna Blue.

Van Der Hagen Luxury Shaving Soap is the perfect soap for those just starting out in wet shaving.  It’s affordable and can be easily found on Amazon.  It’s also available at your local grocery store or big box retailer.  Van Der Hagen Luxury Shaving Soap is hypoallergenic making it safe for those who might have sensitive skin.  It creates a rich lather and affords a lot of protection to the skin.  A wise choice for anyone beginning to learn the wet shaving process.

Pair Van Der Hagen Luxury Shaving Soap with the Vikings Blade White Knight Shaving Brush, and you’re almost ready to take the plunge.  You’ll need a shaving bowl in order to whip up a lather. I tend to grab any bowl for use as a shaving bowl.  ( I buy them for pennies at Goodwill.)  But, if you’d rather have a new shaving bowl, you’ll find a nice selection here.

Now then, before making that first shave pass, a little face prep is in order.

Some guys like to use a pre-shave oil. I’ve done so in the past and they can be helpful.   I’d encourage you to get one and give it a try and se for yourself.  However, I’ve found that very best face prep is a good hot shower.  The water hot water and steam opens your pores and softens your beard.  You can, if you’d like, use Neutrogena Razor Defense facial scrub.  It’ll get rid of dead skins cells and raise your whisker a bit.

Once your face is prepped, grab your brush, soap and razor.  The adventure begins!

Youtube is loaded with many “how to” videos on the proper technique for wet shaving.  You can check those out at your leisure.  But, briefly, here’s the recommended method:

  • Take a good hot shower to soften the beard and open your pores.
  • In a shaving bowl whip a god thick lather.
  • Paint the lather on your face.
  • Holding your razor at approximately a 30 degree angle, take short strokes to remove the whisker.  (This is only the first pass, a second, or possible third pass will be needed.)
  • After completely shaving the face, rinse and check for areas that may need more attention.
  • Now, lather the face once more.  This will be the second shave pass.
  • If needed, do a third pass.  The way I do shaving passes are: Pass one is with the grain, Pass two is down across the grain, and pass three is against the grain.  This third pass always results in a BBS (Baby Butt Smooth) shave.  Not to worry, The Godfather Razor allows you to do three complete passes without acquiring any nicks, cuts or irritation.

And remember these key points when wet shaving with a safety razor:

Don’t press. Let the blade glide over the skin.  Let the weight of the razor do the work.

Make sure you have a good lather on your face (and learn how to make a good lather).

Remember to take short strokes and keep the blade at the proper 30 degree angle.

  • Once you’ve shaved an area and removed the lather, do not go over the bare area again.  Wait to do the next full, complete pass with a fresh layer of lather having been applied.
  • Change out blades when they start showing signs of dullness.  Blades are cheap, so I change out blades after three shaves.

Afterward, apply a god moisturizing after shave balm.  Neutrogena Men’s Razor Defense Post Shave Lotion is very good.  And a 3 pack is very affordably priced.

Slather some on your newly shaved face and you’re done!

Post shave, I do a quick cleanup of my tools to keep them in top shape.  This includes rinsing and drying each piece of my razor (cap, base plate, and handle), patting the razor blade dry (carefully!), and rinsing and drying the shaving brush.

Get the razor and other tools and give it ago!  You’ll soon agree with many other wet shavers throughout the years, that the best part of the day is your morning shave!


Shaveology’s Golden Seaweed infused shaving cream has a wonderfully clean scent accented with earthy, organic undertones. The claim is that Golden seaweed has certain properties making it beneficial for your skin.  Notedly, an anti-aging quality.

After using it for a week, I tend to agree. It is an excellent product that delivers on it’s promise!

Plus, our military personnel, their families and veterans benefit from the purchase.   A portion of the sale is donated to Soldiers’ Angels.

Shaveology Premium Rich Anti-Aging Shave Cream Lather infused with Golden Seaweed:

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The Godfather Razor by Vikings Blade is my favorite GoTo razor.  it’s perfect for those wanting to learn how to wet shave.  Beginners will find it very forgiving.

Let me say again, from my personal experience, this razor is VERY safe. And my skin borders on the sensitive side.  

However, there are a couple of things you need to be aware of before you take your first shave with a safety razor.

First, get a good brush (natural or synthetic, it’s personal preference) and a good quality shave soap or cream.  I have many listed at The Shave Stop.  Van der Hagen’s soap for sensitive skin is a good choice, especially if you’re like me and need the extra protection. There are many, many others.

Next, learn to whip up a good lather and apply it liberally (paint it on the face).  Get rid of the shave cream from an aerosol can.  Do it the proper way!  Get a brush, shave bowl, shaving soap/cream and learn to whip up a lather.  

Thirdly, hold the razor at a 30 degree angle and LIGHTLY touch it to the skin.  Let the weight of the handle do the work.  Do one complete, full pass.  Rinse, re-lather, and do a second shave pass.  If needed, do a third pass.  Using this method, you’re taking the beard down a layer at a time which results in no razor burn (or very, very little), no cuts, no nicks, etc.  BTW, use short 2-inch strokes.  Also, once you’ve cleared an area, do not shave over the unprotected area.  You’ll get it on the next pass when you re-apply the lather.  Remember, avoid shaving an unprotected area of skin.

(A good, sharp blade is also helpful. I use Personna Blue razor blades.  Sharp, yet very smooth.)  

Since making the above video, I happened on Personna Blue razor blades.  They are now my very favorite!

The shave passes should be WITH the grain on the first pass, ACROSS the grain on the second, and AGAINST the grain on the third.

TAKE YOUR TIME.  If you’re usually rushed in the morning, wake up 15 to 20 minutes earlier.  Soak your brush in warm water (ALWAYS use warm water on your face, never hot) get your shower, then have your shave.  After the shave, do the final rinse with cold water to close your pores.  Then, follow up with a  good after shave balm to moisturize skin.

The Godfather razor is a mild razor so the blade exposure and gap is set at just the right amount.  The blade ends are also enclosed, so there’s no chance of catching a corner on your skin when you flip from one side to the other.

Really, the only way you get a nick or cut is if you shave over an area that has already been cleared of protective cream/soap.  Another way is simply from pressing overly hard trying to cut the entire beard in one pass.  Use the multiple pass method.

If you follow these tips and check out my videos and other videos from other shavers, you’ll quickly learn the method and procedure. and, I’m sure, you’ll agree that this is the BEST method to shave the face.  

One last note, Vikings Blade has a lifetime international warranty on their razors.  If you’re not satisfied, they’ll make it right.  Their customer service is top-notch and really stand behind their razors!  So, you really have nothing lose.


A review of The Griffin Razor by Shaveology.

It’s a generously and beautifully chromed three-piece razor with a non-slip handle.  I’m not sure how they accomplished this non-slip quality. I call it a “micro-knurling,” because the knurling is very fine.  It feels smooth when dry but appears to give more grip as it gets wet.  At least this is how I’ve experienced it.   I”m still trying to understand how it works.:)

The point is, the razor is  wonderfully balanced, the handle gives you a sure grip, and the shave is VERY smooth and close.  So much so, I rank it above the Edwin Jagger DE89 and Merkur HD 34C.

You can see my videos for the Edwin Jagger here and the Merkur razor here.

I tested The Griffin razor using a Personna Blue razor blade.  It passed my “chin hair test” with flying colors!  That is, the hairs on the end of my chin were completely shaved on the first pass.  The Edwin Jagger and Merkur consistently miss these hairs.


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