Here’s a quick video on how to capture a screenshot on the Asus Transformer Prime.

It’s a quick and easy procedure and can be done when running any application be it web pages, videos, games, etc.    And it gives the user insant feedback when completing the procedure. And that feedback has just enough fun eye candy!  (The Android OS is really pleasing to the eye.)

Before I forget , I should also mention my experience with battery life on the the Transformer Prime.  Compared to my 14 inch Lenovo Notebook, the Prime is outstanding!

Asus advertises, “the Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet that offers up to 12 hours of battery life – ideal for both long trips or day-to-day errands.”

Well, I’m easily getting all day computing.  One caveat, though.  In order to get this extended battery life, you need to toggle settings to turn off certain system services. For instance, when it goes into sleep mode, you want the wireless to turn off.   You also want the screen display to adjust to lighting conditions. This is known as “Automatic brightness mode.”  Why have a really bright screen when you have good lighting conditions?   The screen will auto sense and adjust on the fly accordingly.  Also, placing the Prime in Power Saving Mode saves battery life.   Plus, putting it in sleep mode after one or two minutes of inactivity helps.

But even with these measures, the display looks gorgeous and the tablet easily adjusts to meet your computing demands.  Recharging to 100% is complete in only a few hours.

Enjoy the video, I’ll be back with more!


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