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Okay, YouTubers, Blog Readers, and wet shavers, this is just a slight diversion. I really wanted to share this with you. You’ve probably seen the movie. Well, the book is really wonderful! So, far, so good, as they say. I have many more pages to go, but it’s started off really well!:) There’s lots of […]



I love to read! And summer is a great time for reading! With plenty of summer still left, steal away with a good book at the beach or swimming pool! I’ve recommended three books in the video that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. More book recommendations to come! (My apologies for the lighting. I guess my […]



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Woulda Shoulda

I love to read!  And I’ve gotten into the habit of buying books at local library book sales.  A week or so ago I started reading one of the books I got on sale (for only a buck!).  It’s a like-new hardcover copy of Tom Wolfe’s “The Bonfire of the Vanities.” Coincidentally, I read an […]


Write A Book

I love books.  I love going to book sales at libraries and thrift stores and yard sales, etc.  I add books to my own library and then give others to family and friends.  I love to read and I simply want to spread the love of reading one book at a time. This is why I […]