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Drawing Board

I love coffee. And I like dashing off these little thumbnail images of coffee cups containing the liquid in all manner of action.  it’s just a few simple lines, but when combined, the image is always rather eentertaining  It’s stuff like this that I incorporate into my comic strip and cartoon features.


Sheetz is my new favorite place to go for coffee, gas, fast food, and other stuff! I love this place!  It’s always clean, always open, and always friendly.  And did I mention that it’s open 24/7/365? The prices are reasonable and they have just about anything you need. The real highlight, however, is their terrific […]


Decaf Wake Up


I Knew That Happy New Year Mug, 2011 by georgetoon Browse New year’s eve Mugs When the New Year’s Eve party is over and it’s the next morning, you’ll need waking up.  Grab that good, strong cup coffee in the “I Knew That” New Year’s coffee mug. Start off the year with a good “jolt […]