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Fourth Of July


I thought I’d share another video of some of the fireworks that took place over the Fourth of July holiday. My Asus Transformer Prime caught all the action! It was incredibly easy to do. I just set the focus to infinity, pointed and hit the on screen record button.   The Prime took care of the rest. […]


Another fourth of July has come and gone.  This year’s fireworks were simply awesome! Here’s a small taste. I shot this video with my Asus Transformer Prime.  So, make sure to toggle 1080 HD.


Fourth Of July Run

Copyright 2012 Mark Szorady.  Distributed by I’m a day early on this, but that’s okay.   You’re probably at the office and, as you read this, getting things completed before taking off for tomorrow’s holiday.  Or, if you’re one of the lucky ones, have the rest of the week off. Either way, Happy Fourth of July! […]


I love fireworks!  I absolutely love seeing a fireworks display during Independence Day celebrations!  And I saw some awesome displays this past Fourth of July. During the fireworks displays, I snapped some photos. Since  my camera phone really isn’t the best or most sophisticated, it was a bit of a challenge capturing some of the […]


Independence Day