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The Hollywood awards season is once again in full gear!  We thought today’s “I Knew That!” would fit right in. Starting at the arrow, left click, hold your mouse button, and pull it to the right to reveal the answer.)============> Answer: The Golden Globes.

It’s movie day here at the Georgetoon blog! If you’ve never seen My Man Godfrey, starring William Powell and Carol Lombard, you’re in for a real treat. The film was produced in 1936 during Hollywood’s heyday of screwball comedies. It has comedy, warmth, charm, and, most of all, a lot of heart. And the film […]


Here’s an absolutely wonderful film that can truly be called a Christmas classic. It’s Scrooge, the musical version of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. I first saw this movie on television when I was just a teenager. The movie was made in 1970 but, as I recall, the 3M company sponsored a special television presentation of the […]

What you’re watching is a digital character projected on stage as a 3D hologram. Pretty amazing stuff!  How soon before Disney ditches the skaters in character costumes and does a fully animated “Disney on Ice ”  with digital characters skating all over the rink doing amazing, impossible stunts? Plus, Disney would have the added benefit […]

I got a text message from my nephew Mike.  He saw the new film, “The Social Network” about Facebook and it’s founder Mark Zuckerberg. Ordinarily, I might simply wait for the DVD rather than run out to the theater to see it.  However,  Mike tells me, “Linux is mentioned a few times…Even some Unix commands […]

George Lucas recently announced that he’ll be converting all six Star Wars movies to 3D. The technology exists to allow filmmakers to take any film photographed in 2D and convert it to the new 3D process currently being showcased in movies theaters. This opens the possibility for many other classic movies to be converted to […]