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Keep Cool

We’re in the very heart of the dog days of summer!  Sit back, cool off, and enjoy this Double Take puzzle celebrating the hot times in August!  How many differences can you find?  Answers tomorrow!      


Three Scoops

So far, this summer has been a real scorcher. Here’s hoping you’ve been able to stay cool during this recent heat wave. It’s summer!  So, pull out your tablet!  Cuz here’s a fun summer Double Take game comic you can play as you lounge by the pool. Keep cool! Click, hold down, and move your mouse […]


Just in time for all you new iPad3 owners! It’s the hottest item since, well, the iPad3!  The iGlove! Simply slip on these heavy-duty, heat resistant (to 5,000 degrees!) protective welding gloves and play with your new iPad3 without worrying about burning your hands due to overheating issues. Only $209.99 a pair! Protect your hands […]