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Twenty years ago, the really big thing in personal computing was desktop publishing.   Given a powerful enough processor and a proper software package, the user could publish a newsletter, magazine, or even a book! Times, and technology, have changed!  Computer processors have become more powerful, the internet offers lighting-fast speeds, and camera technology is in […]


When I’m working in my studio, I like to fill it up with news, talk or music.  Years ago, when I subscribed to cable, it was easy to have just about any kind of programming running in the background while I drew. However, as many readers of this blog know, I’m a cable cutter.  I […]


If you’ve visited this blog or my YouTube channel before, you know that I’m a big advocate of Linux.  I use Linux on all my desktop and notebook computers.  I use GIMP Photo Editing, Scribus Desktop Publishing, LibreOffice Suite and others to create my comic strips, panels, blog posts, etc. Lately, I’ve been very intrigued […]


Online shopping is a booming business.  Today’s I Knew That! challenges your online shopping knowledge. Answer tomorrow!    



No fair using Google! Answers: (Click, hold down, and move your mouse to the right of the arrow to reveal the answer)===============> Larry Page and Sergey Brin.