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If you were lucky enough to get a new Android phone or Tablet  or even a Kindle for Christmas, then welcome to Linux! These devices all run a version of Linux.  Why Linux?  Because Linux is open and free.  These companies can obtain Linux without having to pay a hefty license fee.   They can […]


I own a Kindle. Lately, I’ve been borrowing books from the local library. It’s a simple process. Borrow the book from the library using the Overdrive website. For me, it’s located at the Ohio Ebook project, powered by Overdrive. Once you find the Kindle book you wish to check out, you add it to your […]

Share’s new Tablet, Kindle Fire, uses an all new web browser to surf the web. It’s called Silk. You can see more information about it here. It’s cutting edge stuff and promises a new, improved experience in how customers receive their content. Essentially, you’re using the Amazon Cloud to speed up your tablet!  It’s a […]

Share’s big announcement yesterday resulted in an unveiling of their new line of Kindle readers. The REALLY big news was their launch of the new Kindle Fire Tablet. The Kindle Fire, with Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display and Wi-Fi, runs the Android Operating system.  And Android is Linux, folks.  So, if you decide to buy […]