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Now that the summer movie season is in full gear, see if you can answer today’s “I Knew That!” Click, hold down, and move your mouse to the right to reveal the answer)=======> Michael Keaton Speaking of summer blockbusters, in 1962, “the Longest Day” was released to U.S. theaters.  The film recounted the events of D-Day. […]


Ray Harryhausen passed away today.  He was 92.  I just wanted to thank him for all the great FX and characters he created is so many memorable films like Jason and the Argonauts, the Sinbad films, Mysterious Island (LOVED the giant crab!), One Million Years B.C.,  and countless others.  His work added so much to my childhood. I had the […]


Summer Movies

Recently, a fellow cartoonist shared a Popeye video on his Facebook wall.  (However, I don’t own the copyright, so I’m afraid I can’t post here.  If you Google “Popeye,” many videos will come up. ) The particular video shared was from a 1938 Popeye cartoon called Goonland and produced by the Fleischer animation studios. Seeing […]



What the heck is this blog about?  Well, you may have asked yourself this question based on how I’ve jumped around from subject to subject.   So, I’ll give you a review of what to expect.  I’ll try and update this bog overview at the beginning of each new year as a reminder to current readers […]


Back in 1982, Disney released a groundbreaking movie called Tron.  It was the first time (that I can remember) that a film extensively utilized CGI to bring the story to life. Well, I loved the film.  Here was something that upped the ante when it came to special effects and visuals.  Up to that time, […]