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There are probably several answers to this I Knew That! question.  I guess it depends on your age.  As a hint, think waaaaay back. Answer: (Click, hold down, and move your mouse to the right of the arrow to reveal the answer)===============> Transistor radio.



Cell Phone

The music industry certainly has changed in just over ten years.  And the way we listen to music, on a variety of devices, has changed, too! Today’s “I Knew That!” is a mini walk down memory lane. Answers: (Click, hold down, and move your mouse to the right of the arrow to reveal the answer)===============> […]


Here’s a little something to help keep you in the holiday spirit! And WOW!  All I can say is, these guys just made today’s blog entry a lot easier for me! No explanation necessary. Roll the film, Julio! BTW, you can buy Straight No Chaser’s Christmas album here. They also have a second Christmas album […]




My new favorite song. Enjoy! Find more songs like Thanks For The Boogie Ride at Myspace Music


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Back in my college days (Oh,I am SO dating myself here), turntables, amplifiers, tone arms, and stylus cartridges were all the rage.  These audio-phonic devices gave you music! It wasn’t unusual to see a college student sitting in his dormitory room or fraternity house pouring through  milk crates filled with  33 1/3 vinyl albums. It […]