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Here’s a little trick that I learned over the years. I employ it whenever possible. It’s called “flat perspective.” It’s useful and easy to pull off. I’ve also found it quite pleasing to the eye. In fact, as you skim through the comics pages or web comics, you’ll probably see a lot of cartoonists use […]

Here’s the George comic strip, from the previous video, completely inked and readying for scanning and publishing. After I scan the strip, or any of my cartoon art, there’s always the opportunity to digitally tweak things. so, i still may change a couple of things in this comic strip. then again, maybe not. Sometimes, I […]

Once again, I grabbed my Asus Transformer Prime and shot some more cartooning video. Here’s a brief look at how I draw a George comic strip. As you can see (and as I mentioned in earlier videos), the comic stip template is already printed out for me. The panels are laid out, the title has […]

Here’s another cartooning video shot with my Asus Transformer Prime tablet. Even though the tablet shoots video at 1080 HD, I shot at 480p. This way, the image would still look good enough for the web and render a smaller file size allowing for a quicker upload. I figured out a makeshift tablet stand of […]

Now that I have an Asus Transformer Prime tablet, I have a terrific way to shoot cartooning video! So, here’s the first of what I hope to be many videos on how I create my comic strip George and other cartoon features. Enjoy the show!  More to come!

I’ve been using the Chrome browser on my Linux systems for some time now and I’m a big fan! I did encounter a few rough spots here and there as I was learning some on the ins and outs, but now, it’s my primary browser of choice. So, I was happy to discover that the […]

As many readers of this blog know, I have the new Asus Transformer Prime Tablet. And, I’ve touted how great it is. Well, the above video gives a good side by side comparison of the Transformer Prime and how it stacks up against the Apple iPad2. Rumor has it that Apple is rushing out the […]

It’s Groundhog day!  Let’s all hiope for an early spring.  Not that winter has been that brutal.  In myneck of the woods, it’s been, luckily, fairly mild (Ssshhhh!  No so loud!) I did get the opportunity to grab my Asus Transformer Prime tablet and shoot some 1080HD video of an early Saturday morning snowfall. This […]

As many of you know, thsi past Christmasd I received a terrific gift form the nephews.  the Asus Transformer Prime Tablet. Well, I purchased the keyboard.  thsi allows you to plug the tablet in and turn the entire set-up into a very fast and powerful netbook.  Plus, it gives you up to 18 hours of […]

Google Currents is a digital magazine feed that brings popular magazines to your tablet! Import your favorite magazines to your library and read them while offline. The best part is, all subscriptions are absolutely free. Google Currents is available for Android 2.2 and higher. I can tell you first hand, Google Currents runs incredibly well […]