googleI use Google.  You use Google.  Your family uses Google.  The neighbors across the street use Google.  Heck, EVERYONE on the planet uses Google!

Ever wonder what Google uses when it Googles?

Well, it ain’t Windows, that’s for sure!

Google has banned the use of Windows on all it’s office systems.  From now on, it’s either Mac or Linux in Google’s offices.  Windows is getting the boot because of one simple reason. Security.  Windows just doesn’t give Google the kind of security and protection from Viruses and hackers that it needs and requires.

Yes, Google is becoming a Windows’ competitor by launching its own Operating System. So, some may say it’s more a move to market and push its own OS.  Maybe.  Still, Windows has consistently proven itself to be insecure and vulnerable.  But, I have to admit, the world runs on Windows.  And, if you’re in business, you need to have Windows. There’s thousands of business software applicatins specifically written for Windows.

But, Linux gives you the best of both worlds.  (andi’l bet google kows this)  When running  Linux, install Virtualbox. Then  install and run Windows in a virtual environment.  I do it this way to handle the business end of Georgetoon.  it gives me the security of Linux along with access to business applications that are Windows specific.

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching. make a resolution to give Linux a try . Google is.

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