We like to think that the computers we use all started with the Apple Macintosh or Windows 3.1x.  Those systems built on an original technology.  The original Xerox Star User Interface.

That’s right. Xerox had the whole package way back in 1981/1982. (Even farther back in 1973!)

And, of course, over the years, many systems added and contributed to what we know as the the modern GUI computer interface

Check out the video slideshow below to see the evolution of Graphical User Interface. These GUIs contributed to what you are now using on your own home computer. (And keep your eyes open for KDE! My favorite GUI for the Linux desktop.)


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  1. Crow

    Great videos, I hope you don’t mind I posted them in my Facebook (with a link to your blog)

    Thank you Mark

    • Mark

      I don’t mind at all.:) I encourage it!:) Absolutely! Please feel to share on all your social networks.:) Thank you!:)

      Glad you liked the videos.:) Amazing bit of history.:)

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