Keep your system clean

Keep your system clean

My brother David was having some problems with his Windows computer.  He asked me what would help clean his system.  I offered a few suggestions, and hopefully, he’ll get his system back to working order.

When you run Windows, you need to periodically tune and clean the system in order to make sure it’s running at top speed and peak performance.  Windows can slow down and lose performance over a period of time simply due to its overall design.  We’ve all seen the commercials on how you can visit a web site, plug in your system over the internet and viola!  They’ll fix your computer problems (for a price!).

Before you do that, check out a few of these suggestions to help tune your Windows computer.

Here then, are five things you can download for free to help tune your Windows system.

1.)  CC Cleaner. This utility will really help unclog your Windows system of a lot of unneeded files and data.  It even cleans your registry!

2.)  Hijack This.  A terrific little program that will find any nasty piece of malware or Trojan buried deep in your system and in the registry.  However, be careful using it.  It doesn’t tell you what is good or bad.  You need to do a little research before removing items.

3.)   Avira anti-virus. This is a great anti-virus program.   It fully protects your Windows system and is free.  Or you can choose to purchase an upgraded version.

4.)  Ad Aware. This is another free application that features a rootkit removal system along with a malware  removal tool.  And, again, you can always purchase an upgrade with added features.

5.)  If all else fails, AND you have all your documents backed up,  then download a Linux ISO.   Once you have the Llinux ISO, burn it to a CD/DVD, pop it into your CD/DVD drive, and reboot your computer and take it for a test drive. Once you determine that all your hardware works, install Linux to your hard drive.  You can do this by simply clicking on a desktop icon that says, “Install.”  You can either partition your hard drive to keep Windows (making your system dual boot), or wipe the hard drive completely (meaning, “Goodbye to Windows.”) and run only Linux.

Windows is fine.  You can continue to run Windows, just make sure you keep it up-to-date with anti-virus software and be careful where you surf.  And make sure to tune Windows every now and again.

Or, get Linux.  You won’t need anti-virus or registry cleaners or other tools to remove malicious software.  You won’t have to defragment your computer either.

Linux is stable, secure, easy to use, immune to Windows viruses and malware, and absolutely free.

Get Linux.

Got a question about cartooning with Linux, or Linux in general? Email me at: If I use your question on my blog, I’ll send you an original, signed George comic strip!


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