Our Features

George by Mark Szorady

George by Mark Szorady. George is one of the funniest comic strips around! Created more than 20 years ago, and previously syndicated by both King Features and DBR Media, George now comes to georgetoon.com and continues to entertain readers from coast to coast!

Double Take by Mark Szorady

Double Take by Mark Szorady. Double Take is a reader favorite. Find all the differences between two hilarious cartoon drawings! This is a game panel that all ages enjoy playing. Double Take is one of those rare features that gets passed around from reader to reader. People play along with each other!

Word Ladder by Mark Szorady

George's Word Ladder by Mark Szorady. A fun puzzle game where readers start with one word and, rung by rung, change the word into the last word. Readers love game panels and George's Word Ladder is one of the best!

Word Pile by Mark Szorady

Word Pile by Mark Szorady. Word Pile is the word game panel our readers comment on the most. One reader emailed us that it was always great to see Word Pile in his morning paper. Word Pile helped him to get his brain in gear. Everyone in the office plays it to get "the cobwebs out."

I Knew That! by Mark Szorady

I Knew That! by Mark Szorady. I Knew That! is the latest fun game panel from Mark Szorady. I Knew That! is a fun trivia game panel for readers of all ages. The hook is, this is trivia EVERYONE should know. Hence the name, I Knew That!

Hamster Alley by Polly Keener

Hamster Alley by Polly Keener. Hamster Alley is a delightful comic strip creation from cartoonist Polly Keener. Hamster Alley is cute, fun, and sometimer even insightful. It appeals to readers of all ages. Readers love Hamster Alley's happy and upbeat feeling.

Mystery Mosaic by Polly Keener

Mystery Mosaic by Polly Keener. Mystry Mosaic is a "hands on" game panel. The reader colors (fills in) the various areas to reveal the secret image! Mystery Mosaic is a big hit with kids of all ages!

Sudoku Happi by Polly Keener

Sudoku Happi by Polly Keener. Sudoku is sweeping the nation's newspapers! Everyone loves this challenging numbers game. And georgetoon.com offers one of the most creative and inventive Sudoku puzzles around. Sudoku Happi! It's Sudoku with a twist by incorporating symbols with numbers. Sudoku Happi is a fast becoming a reader favorite!