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This is just a quick look at an after shave product I picked up at the local Dollar General. It’s Gillette Sensitive Skin After Shave Gel. I purchased this for about four dollars. And, I must say, it’s rather good. It has a nice clean scent which doesn’t overwhelm or linger too long. Plus, it […]


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    In this video, I take a look at the Vintage Gem Micromatic Open Comb Safety Razor. The Gem Micromatic Open Comb gives a very close shave. The American Safety Razor Company marketed these razors as giving a similar shave to that of a barber’s straight razor shave (without the barber or straight razor). […]




If you do a little research and utilize some of the tools available on Ebay, you can get a Gem safety razor at a great price! Check out my Ebay Quick Tip video: It’s a terrific tool that helps you find and get the best deals on Ebay.  


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The Gem Micromatic razor is a wonderful razor that gives smooth, close comfortable shaves! These Single Edge Safety Razors were very popular back in the 1930s and 1940s. And they’re gaining in popularity once more. Gem Safety Razors can be found on Ebay, in antique shops, and at secondhand stores. (Check flea markets and estate […]