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A shave with a Palmolive Shave Stick! Palmolive Shave Sticks on Ebay: Palmolive Shave Stick on amazon: Tabac Shave Stick:


Merry Christmas

I recently purchased two Palmolive shave Sticks from an Ebay seller. They cost less than 4 bucks! Free Shipping! Pack of 2 Palmolive For Men Classic with Palm Extract Shave Stick 50g: =============== On Amazon: Palmolive for Men classic shave stick: Arko Shaving Soap Stick, White, Pack of 2, 75g each: Tabac […]


I Understand

I had a great shave this morning with my late father’s Gillette Super Speed Flair Tip razor and other classic shaving products. This particular Super Speed razor is a “C1” meaning it was built in the first quarter of 1957. It’s 60 years old! It’s in great shape, works wonderfully well, mechanically sound, and continues […]


White Christmas

  Here are a few things you can do to avoid (and aid in healing) razor burn. These are methods that have worked for me. However, YMMV. ========== VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather Safety Razor : VIKINGS BLADE Swedish Steel Replacement Razor Blades, 50 Count: Merkur HD 34C Safety Razor: Merkur Progress Adjustable […]



 A shave with a Vintage Slim Gillette Safety Razor. It gave me a great shave, but I think I may have set it a bit too high on the third pass. You can find these razors on Ebay and at yard sales and anitique stores. This razor is well worth the investment provided you […]