This strip was inspired by the many folks who take selfies at some of the most amazing places.


In this video, I compare the cartridge razor to the safety razor and explain why the safety razor and wet shaving is a better way to shave.  My safety razor of choice is The Godfather by Vikings Blade. Pick one up in The Shave Stop store today!   In addition, cartridge shavers, with five blades, abrade the skin five times in one pass. This potentially can lead to razor burn and ingrown hairs. A safety razor allows for a more controlled shave, taking down layers of beard one pass at a time.

Try Vikings.  They have two great razors:   The Chieftain and  The Godfather.  I own both and they are simply great, well made, and extremely precise shaving instruments!

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Amazing how changing a blade in a razor can change how close and comfortable a shave is. The Godfather razor is quickly becoming my favorite shaving razor.

Here’s a quick look at various blades I’ve used in The Godfather razor. This razor is quickly becoming my GoTo razor. No nicks, no cuts, no razor burn. A really wonderful shave! My advice: buy one and get some Feather blades. YMMV. For me, the Feather blades are perfect in The Godfather razor. I also use Wilkinson Sword blades which area close second.

In The Chieftain, I use Astra and Derby blades. The Chieftain has always given me a great shave and, for my skin, Derby and Astra are perfect for this razor. Wilkinson and Feather might be a bit too much for my skin when loaded in The Chieftain. But in the Godfather razor, they’re perfect!

The Chieftain and The Godfather razors by Vikings Blade are the only two razors you’ll ever need. Check them out at The Shave Stop!


I’m really enjoying my journey through wet shaving with a safety razor.  I’m starting to acquire extra items so I can gift them to others sometime down the road.

So, here’s another look at budget shaving bowls. These can be found at many thrift stores.  Costing a mere buck or two, they are in like new conditon!

Oncyou have your budget shaving bowl, simply add a top-shelf razor like The Godfather or The Chieftain from Vikings Blade, some shave soap, shaving brush, and you have a really nice gift set for birthdays, Christmas or any occasion.  Plus, you’ll be introducing that person to the manly art of wet shaving!


For all you wet shavers and safety razor enthusiasts out there, I did a comparison of The Godfather razor (newly released) to the original Vikings Blade razor.

Wet shaving with a safety razor is a great way to start the day.  There’s something about the ritual of whipping up a lather, brushing it on your face, and taking a steel blade across the face to trim down berd growth.

You can buy The Godfather razor at The Shave Stop.  You can also purchase the original Vikings Blade razor at The Shave Stop, as well.  Really, these are the only two razors you’l ever need.




Not the movie, but the razor!

Here’s my unboxing and first look at the BRAND NEW (and just released, new on the market ) THE GODFATHER razor from the folks at Vikings blade.

It’s a sleek three-piece razor with an absolutely gorgeous handle and precise razor head. This razor promises to be something really special. A wonderful presentation when initially opened, it looks to exceed all expectations for shaving closeness and comfort. I was given this razor for free in exchange for an unbiased review. Well, I’m absolutely floored at the wonderful look and feel of this razor. Get one now at The Shave Stop because, my guess is, they are going to sell fast!