Post holiday and part agony.:)

Post Holiday

A review of The Griffin Razor by Shaveology.

It’s a generously and beautifully chromed three-piece razor with a non-slip handle.  I’m not sure how they accomplished this non-slip quality. I call it a “micro-knurling,” because the knurling is very fine.  It feels smooth when dry but appears to give more grip as it gets wet.  At least this is how I’ve experienced it.   I”m still trying to understand how it works.:)

The point is, the razor is  wonderfully balanced, the handle gives you a sure grip, and the shave is VERY smooth and close.  So much so, I rank it above the Edwin Jagger DE89 and Merkur HD 34C.

You can see my videos for the Edwin Jagger here and the Merkur razor here.

I tested The Griffin razor using a Personna Blue razor blade.  It passed my “chin hair test” with flying colors!  That is, the hairs on the end of my chin were completely shaved on the first pass.  The Edwin Jagger and Merkur consistently miss these hairs.


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You can read my full Amazon review of the Shaveology Griffin Razor here.




Once you switch to wet shaving with a a safety razor, it the becomes such a pleasure, you’ll want to test drive as many razors as possible. And, that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing.

The above unboxing video shows my latest acquisition.

The Griffin Safety Razor by Shaveology promises to be a very nice shaving instrument.  However, the real attraction is Shaveology’s support for our troops through partnering with Soldiers’ Angels.  a portion of the sale of this razor (and thier other products) goes to Soldiers’ Angels. It’s a win win!

So, get a great shave and support our troops, their families, and veterans.  Get a Grffin razor by Shaveology. 




It’s been more than six months since I came back to wet shaving with a traditional safety razor. I’ve gone completely old school and could not be happier with my decision.  Not only am I getting a great shave, but the process, overall, has been healthier and I’m saving some serious coin.  Our dads and granddads knew something.

It’s great seeing more and more guys come back to this great tradition.

During this entire wet shaving re-discovery process, I’ve tried out a few different razors and blades.  (You can see those reviews on my youtube channel or simply scroll through this blog.)  Recently, I tried the Merkur and Edwin Jagger razors due to many users giving them five-star reviews.  While these are well made razors, I still haven’t found them to be as good as the Vikings Blade razors I originally started out using.

I use The Godfather razor by Vikings Blade every morning.  It’s my goto razor. I decided to set it aside and use Vikings Blade’s Chieftain razor.  I wanted to understand how this razor changed my entire shaving routine for the better.  Did it still perform as well as when I first used it?  Was it  better than the Merkur and Edwin Jagger?

The Chieftain razor by Vikings Blade

The answer is a resounding YES!  The shave is close and comfortable and oh so smooth!  While the Merkur and Edwin Jagger routinely missed hairs on my chin, The Chieftain never failed to shave those hairs on first pass.

Using The Chieftain razor reminded me of how wise my decision was to return to wet shaving.  The Chieftain  also reminded me of how lucky I was to select it from among all the others as my re-introduction to wet shaving.  Had I not, I may well have gone back to my old ways of shaving with an overly priced and inferior electric razor.

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The Chieftain  is a very well made shaving instrument.  It is precise, manufactured from high quality materials, and will likely last a lifetime and beyond.  Your kids and grandkids will fight over who inherits it!  And this is because Vikings Blade is a great company !  Compared to the competition, they give you so much more for the money, plus their razors come with a lifetime guarantee!  Vikings blade really stands behind their products!

So, this blog post is, in many ways, an update to my original Amazon review of The Chieftain razor.   As I’ve said before, The Godfather and The Chieftain are the only razors you’ll ever need.

However, go ahead and try some others.  Experiment!  Try different blades and soaps and creams and razors.  Mix it up!  It’s all part of the fun of wet shaving!

As the old saying goes, “If your morning shave isn’t the best part of your day, you’re doing it wrong.”


Here’s a quick video review of the Merkur HD 34C.  This is a VERY mild razor. In fact, it may be TOO mild for many wet shavers. YMMV.

You can read my full Amazon review here.

This is also offered in an alternte version known as the Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edge Razor.  Many users say that this is exactly the same as the Merkur HD 34C,. It just doesn’t have the 34C branding on it.

Again, I prefer razors (and other shaving products) from Vikings Blade.  My favorite razor is The Godfather.  I’ts a wonderfully smooth razor and very forgiving.  I especially love the low profile razor head.

If you’d rather have something a bit more traditional, then check out Vikings Blade’s Chieftain razor.  It’s a wonderful butterfly razor that’ll give you a smooth, close, and efficient shave.

Pair either of these razors with Personna razor blades, and you’ll really look forward to your morning shave!

My Amazon review for The Chieftain razor can be read here.

My amazon review for The Godfather razor can be read here.

Remember, if shaving isn’t the best part of your day, then you’re doing it wrong!


This is, by far, the neatest travel mug! Ever!