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The RazoRock Heavy Duty DE Razor has a stainless steel handle and is a short little workhorse much like the Merkur HD 34C. While the Merkur 34C is a two-piece razor, the RazoRock Heavy Duty is a three-piece razor. And, the RazoRock has a bit more heft and weight to it. A really nice feel to this short-handled razor. It feels like it’s built like a tank.

However, be aware. Despite the similarities with the Merkur 34C and the Edwin Jagger, this razor is more on the aggressive side. Beginners to wet shaving ould do better to start with a milder razor. I recommend The Godfather Razor by Vikings Blade. It gives a smooth efficient and mild shave. The Godfather is very forgiving. No cuts, nicks or irritation.

Beginners should give themselves three to six months or more before attempting a shave with the RazoRock Heavy Duty DE Razor. After honing your skill and technique, you can then more confidently graduate to using this razor. You’ll find that your face and skin have become more attuned to wet shaving and this razor will be more agreeable.

Take it slow at first and watch your technique, razor angle, etc. You’ll be rewarded with a nice shave. In addition, pay attention to blade alignment. Vikings blade razors, as well as Merkur and Edwin Jagger all align precisely. The RazoRock razors have fairly good blade alignment, but I do find myself giving them a second look. On the positive side, the blade exposure is equal on both sides of the razor head.

All in all, a very good, well made razor for the money suitable for seasoned wet shavers.

(On RazoRock Heavy Duty DE Safety Razor With Stainless Steel Handle:

(On RazoRock Mission 3-Piece Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor:

(On Amazon) RazoRock Mission Double Edge (DE) 3 Piece Safety Razor:

Merkur HD 34C:

Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor:

VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather Safety Razor:

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor:

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I was recently introduced to Super-Max Blue Diamond Platinum Coated razor blades.

A wonderful razor blade!

They gave me a smooth and close shave. I found them to be every bit as nice as Derby and Personna Blue razor blades. As always, YMMV.

Razors and Blades

Supermax Blue Diamond Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades

Personna Double Edge Razor Blades

Derby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades

Merkur HD 34C

Edwin Jagger DE89Lbl Lined Detail Chrome Plated Double Edge Safety Razor

VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather Safety Razor

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor

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This past Christmas, I was given a Microsoft Wireless keyboard.   Specifically, the model 3050 wireless keyboard and mouse.

I finally had an opportunity to set it up and give it a whirl.  I have to tell ya, this is a really nice product.  The really nice thing is, I’m using it on a Linux computer system.  A Windows system will obviously make more use of the various keyboard shortcuts built into Microsoft’s Windows operating system.  But for my needs, this is perfect!  It’s a full keyboard with a nice ergonomic design (built-in palm rests) and the mouse has a nice ambidextrous design so you can easily use it with either hand.

If you’re in need of anew keyboard and mouse, give this one a look!


realize that a razor’s aggressive or mild qualities are subjective. “Your mileage may vary,” as the old saying goes.

However, for me, I’ve found that The Chieftain Razor by Vikings Blade is the very best on the market today! It gives the most comfortable, smooth, and close shave! Plus, the razor comes with so many more extras then its competitors AND a lifetime guarantee! Add in Vikings Blade’s superb customer service, outstanding product quality control, and you’ll be happy you chose this razor over the others.

This is not to say that the Merkur or other razors are sub-par. I’m saying that for me, and many, many other wet shavers, The Vikings Blade Chieftain is THE razor to get and use. .Simply check the amazon reviews and you’ll immediately see a five-star n approval rating of 89 to 90 percent!

Nonetheless, I’ve done a side by side comparison of the the two razors so you can see how they stack up.

VIKINGS BLADE The Chieftain Safety Razor

Merkur HD 34C

VIKINGS BLADE Luxury Shaving Cream, Traditional Swedish Heritage, Sandalwood & Western Red Cedar

VIKINGS BLADE Black Ocean Luxury Shaving Cream

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