I really enjoy writing these word-play comic strips.


Twenty years ago, the really big thing in personal computing was desktop publishing.   Given a powerful enough processor and a proper software package, the user could publish a newsletter, magazine, or even a book!

Times, and technology, have changed!  Computer processors have become more powerful, the internet offers lighting-fast speeds, and camera technology is in every electronic device available!  Because of these advancements, we’ve now moved into the video desktop publishing era!  And the easiest and best way to get started with video publishing is YouTube.

In the above video, I offer a quick tutorial on how to utilize YouTube and it’s video editing tools.  Using these tools you, too, can enhance and publish your videos to your own YouTube channel.

I hope you find it helpful.


If you’re new to wet shaving, you’re probably trying out different razors, blades, soaps, creams, etc.  It’s all part of the process in finding the right combination of razor, blade, and cream for your face and skin type.

Along the way, you’ll discover different tips and tricks to help improve your shaving technique and manage razor storage, blade selection, and clean up.

The above video offers one such tip.


Why wait for Black Friday?

Hurry! Visit your local Trader Joe’s to get this great gift for the Wet Shaver in your life!

This is a limited item for the holiday season. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! And my Local Trader Joe’s was already seeing this item fly off the shelves. And, at an unbelievable price of under ten bucks, you can understand why!

And the great thing is, you don’t have to wait for Black Friday! It’s at Trader Joe’s NOW at the price of $9.99!

Every Wet Shaver would LOVE finding this under their tree this Christmas!  Get them before they’re gone!  And, just as I did, make sure to get one for yourself:)


A Shaving Scuttle is the most wonderful addition to any guy’s morning shave routine.

You’ve probably seen those expensive lathering machines.

These can be quite expensive. Well, at least, the really good units are expensive.   And then there’s the need for electricity, proper care and maintenance, etc.

I’m not discouraging you from buying one. These professional level units are convenient and do a great job of providing you with a wonderful hot lather for your morning shave.  They’re required equipment  in barbershops.   If you have the money, by all means, have at it.  It all depends on your budget and personal needs.

Now, as an alternative, imagine having a warm lather shave every morning for just pennies.

That’s where the shaving cuttle comes into play.  It’s really just a ceramic bowl that you fill with hot water.  The hot water then heats up another ceramic bowl that is attached to the top.  You then whip up your warm lather in the top bowl with your favorite soap or cream.

Ceramic shaving scuttles vary in price and size.  They require no electricity, have no moving parts, and are easy to clean. And with proper care, like a good razor, it’s another shaving tool you can hand down to a son or grandson.

Before you run out a buy one, you may want to re-purpose some bowls you have around the house.  Check out the above video where I’ve done just that!  I find this works wonderfully well! i’ve get a warm lather shave and I save some serious dollars.

If you’d rather purchase a shave scuttle, there are some popular scuttles in The Shave Stop.  With Christmas just around the corner, a shaving scuttle makes a great gift for any guy!




I came across another old razor from my late father’s shaving tools.

I recall that dad received this razor as a Christmas gift.  It dates back to the late 1970s.   So, it’s somewhere near 40 years old.

This is the Barbershop Old Fashioned Luxury razor from the Franklin Toiletry Company.  The razor has a nice weight and heft to it and is well balanced.  From the enclosed informational card, I learned that it uses the Gillette Trac 2 blade cartridge system.

I was intrigued.  Since the razor was still in fairly good shape (and cost me $0.00), I toyed with the idea of buying a package of Trac 2 shaving cartridges and giving the razor a try.

Well, Trac 2 cartridges are $30.00 for a package of ten!  If you get three shaves from each cartridge, that works out to one dollar per shave!  That’s 30 bucks for one month.  Multiply that by 12 months for a year, and you’re looking at $360.00!  That’s the same amount of money many folks pay for cable television! (Even if you got six shaves per cartridge blade, that still works out to $180.00 per year!  30 bucks every two months.  Or, $15.00 per month times 12 months = $180.00.)

Contrast this to a safety razor.  I use The Godfather Razor by Vikings Blade.  This razor uses double-edge blades.  These blades cost anywhere from eight, nine, ten, or eleven dollars for a package of 100!    With this kind of blade you can get three to four shaves.  Some guys get five good shaves (some guys get more).  So, let’s just split the difference and keep things simple and say four shaves from one DE blade.  So, for approximately ten bucks (depending on the brand), you’ll get a little over an entire year of shaves!  Stated another way, it’s about two and half cents per shave.  

A package of 100 DE blades with each getting four shaves = 400 shaves.  $10.00 divided by 400 = .025 per shave.  Checking the math, .025 multiplied by 400 days = $10.00.

It’s a no-brainer.  Do the math!  Get a Safety Razor, learn the proper wet shaving technique, get a wonderfully close shave, and save a ton of cash in the process!

(Note:  Obviously, YMMV with the number of shaves you  get from a cartridge or double-edge blade.  Still, the cost of a safety razor using a double-edge blade versus a cartridge blade system is considerable.  And, needless to say, I did not buy the Trac 2 cartridges.)