Yep.  Gas has fallen in price.:)


My adventure in shaving led me to meet, online, Steve Hardy! Steve resides in Australia.  He has a terrific  youtube channel where he talks about all things related to wet shaving. It’s informative and quite entertaining.  Steve also find incredible deals on razors, shaving creams, etc.  that he links at the bottom of his videos.  He also has a terrific video on an American made stainless steel razor here.  Steve also does a follow-up shaving video using the same Rockwell 6S here.

Again, this is the kind of stuff I enjoy watching.  I learn something new, meet new people, but, most of all, it gives me a chance to give my mind a breather away from the drawing board.  And, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s when I’m doing something unrelated to the drawing board and cartooning is when some of my funniest ideas pop into my head.:)

And, guys, give wet shaving a try.  It’s a great way to start the day!  Subscribe to Steve’s channel.  He’ll help you along.:)



This is the pen I use for inking in all my comic strips and cartoon features. You can get one by clicking here.  this pen and other drawing tools are available  at The Georgetoon Studio Stop.

The non-photo blue pencils I talk about are also avaible at The Georgetoon Studio Stop. You can get them here.


If you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve noticed that I’m not only talking about cartooning, but it appears I’ve gone off on a wild tangent to discuss wet shaving! How can these two be related? Well, as I mentioned in an earlier blog entry, ideas and creativity strike when I’m doing the most casual, routine, and uneventful tasks. It’s during these moments  of walking, shaving, driving,  etc., that lightning strikes!

I recently spoke with my good frined Bunny Hoest of “The Lockhorns” fame.  She told the story of a cartoonist who took his time sharpening pencils.  When his editor complained that he took too much time sharpening pencils, the cartoonist explained that this is when he did his most creative thinking.   As Bunny related, “When you’re doing the most mundane, slow, and routine thing is exactly when your mind is racing along at a hundred miles an hour!”

And that’s why I do some blog posts about shaving with a safety razor.  It’s during my morning shave that I get to clear the cobwebs and let my mind wander and race around a bit.

And if I do get that funny idea, I have to IMMEDIATELY write it down.  Failing to do so results in it being lost forever.  I even know of cartoonists who keep a pad and paper on their night stand. They sometimes wake up with an idea and need to write it down.  Otherwise, in the morning, it’s forgotten.

So, whatever your career, I’m sure it involves a creative process.  I encourage you to let your mind wander and race around as you do that routine task.  Wet shaving is a great way to start the morning.  Give it a try!  You’ll get a great shave and you’ll also find yourself coming up with creative solutions to those pressing problems and questions.


Here’s a quick look at a really nice portable drawing board I often use.  I’ve had this board for years.  And it’s a perfect tool to use.  It turns any desk or table into an instant slanted drawing table!

You can find a similar model in The Georgetoon Studio Stop store.

(If you look closely at the cover frame/thumbnail, you can see my portable wand scanner which I wrote about here.)






I find myself buying and trying different products for my wet shaving routine. I never used to do this.  But when you move over to this method of shaving (which is the RIGHT way to shave), there are countless skin products to help the process along.

And the bonus in all this is, I’m learning something new which means I’ll be able to cull some cartoon ideas from it.

If you wet shave, give Neutrogena Men’s Razor Defense Post Shave Lotion a look .  It’s in The Shave Stop store.