Here’s a quick look at how I draw George. Believe it or not, I did this in one take.  So, I may have fumbled a word or two.

Just a little bit more background regarding this video. I mentioned the Sky Blue 740 1/2 pencil. Specifically, it’s a Berol Verithin Sky Blue 740 1/2. I don’t think it’s made under this label anymore.  At least, I can’t find them. I’m down to my last two.  So, I need to get some pretty soon. But, I’m thinking if you get a number 740 1/2, it’ll be the same pencil.

I do use a regular non-photo blue pencil. But, depending on the paper I use and the angle of my drawing table light, the lines don’t always appear as crisp as I’d like. The 740 1/2 is just  a little bit of a darker blue while still having a non-photo blue quality.

Why the non-photo blue pencils?  Well, it saves time.  I don’t like to spend extra time erasing pencil lines after I’m done inking.  Since the art is being scanned and I work on THAT as my final image ( I sometimes tweak things digitally using Gimp), I simply set the scanner to read black and white line art.  The blue lines drop out.  Plus, people think it’s pretty neat getting an original with all the sketchy blue lines.


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  1. Shaun Raven

    Lovely to see you draw Mark!

    • Mark

      Thanks, Shaun!:) This was a lot of fun!:) I’m going to do more.:)

  2. Crow

    As a teenager I liked to draw but then changed my interests and never did again but still go to see exhibitions.

    I hope you do more of this, I enjoyed the video.

    • Mark

      Thanks, Crow.:) More coming for sure!:)

  3. Shaun Raven

    Just as an additional – I tried to get hold of some 740 1/2 verithin pencils – the color on the pencil is now reported as peacock blue, and seems a bit darker than the one shown (this was a prismacolor) , however, Berol (at least in the UK) seems to do a reduced range of verithin pencils in boxes of 12, of which one is Sky Blue…

    I’ll try these out and let you know what they’re like…

    • Mark

      Thanks, Shaun.:) I saw the same label on the pencils – Peacock Blue. I’m gonna try and get a box of Berol Sky Blues.

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