Mark Szorady with "One Tank Trip" Legend Neil Zurcher!

Mark Szorady with “One Tank Trip” Legend Neil Zurcher!

Last night, at the Chagrin Falls Library, I had the great pleasure of attending a talk given by Cleveland’s own Neil Zurcher!

Many Northeast Ohioans know Neil as the VERY FIRST and original “One Tank Trip” reporter on Cleveland Fox 8 WJW TV.   For nearly 40 years Neil has been traveling the roads of Ohio, and beyond, reporting on unique and entertaining travel stops that are only a “One Tank Trip” from Cleveland, Ohio.

This is Neil’s farewell tour.  He’s retiring this year.  But you have a great opportunity to see Neil in person as he continues to criss-cross the area gving talks and signing copies of his books.

Get all the details about Neil, his upcoming appearances and more at You can follow Neil on twitter at @NeilZurcher.   You can order Neil’s newest book here.

It was a terrific event!  Make sure to mark your calendar for Neil’s next appearance at a library or community center near you!



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