“Can you read that? Can you? I can’t read that!  How do they expect senior citizens to read print that small?”

That was how my father greeted me on a recent Sunday morning as he sat down to read the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Newspapers are cutting corners in order to reduce print costs.  Newspaper pages are getting smaller and narrower.  With less print space to work with, they shrink things to try and squeeze it all in.  And this includes moving to a smaller typeface.

Unfortunately, when they do this they shortchange their most devoted readers, senior citizens.

However, technology is offering a solution.  Tablet devices can access newspaper web sites, video, breaking news, and other content. And I’m sure many readers of the Georgetoon blog do so from a tablet device!

Plus, tablets have that little added feature of being able to enlarge text making iit easier to read.

Now, the two tablet devices that most people point to are Apple’s i-Pad and Amazon.com’s Kindle. Both are terrific devices and offer many features and bells and whistles.

But the new kid on the block is the HTC Flyer 3G / WiFi HotSpot / GPS / 5MP / 7 Inch Tablet Device

Why do I like this tablet so much? Well it uses the Android Operating system. And anything based on Linux has gotta be great! It’s the perfect size making it highly portable. It also offers an optional stylus pen for writing and note taking directly on the tablet surface!

Linux, cutting edge features, and a terrific design make it a winner. so much so, that the HTS Flyer recently made Time Magazine’s list of gadgets to get dad for Father’s Day!

Check out this terrific video review, then decide for yourself.

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