linux virus freeIf you watch cable television for even a short period of time, you’ll be presented with at least one ad on how to speed up your Windows computer.

Heck, you may even see several.  And if there wasn’t a market for repairing computer problems, you wouldn’t see these commercials marching across your television screen.  But, there is a market. A very BIG market.

The reason is, simple.  Windows systems are vulnerable to all kinds of spyware and viruses.  Anymore, if you click on the wrong link or open the wrong attachment, your system is toast.  When your system becomes infected, it slows down, gives you web browser re-directs, and even blocks access to much needed software applications.

Who needs these headaches?

And to top it all off, along comes a company promising you a solution.  Just log on to their web site, download  their application, and allow them to crawl around the inner workings of your system to work their “magic”…for a price.  Are you sure you want some faceless technician or automatic software program,  in an unknown location, prowling around through your computer system?

Are you a bit wary of allowing access to your computer system?  Are you tired of constantly buying anti-virus software subscriptions and other services to try and safeguard your Windows system?  Do you want to get off the virus merry-go-round?

Then get Linux.

Linux is immune to Windows viruses, Trojans, and spyware.  It’s fast, stable and secure.  And, it’s free.

And, all the software is free.  Linux has a friendly user community that’ll help you make the switch and get your Linux system up and running in no time.

Linux only requires a bit of time to learn the operating system’s ins and outs and to do the actual task of downloading and installing on your existing PC Hardware.

But, which would you rather do?  Spend a little time learning Linux and breath new life, stability, and security into your computer or continue to pay large sums of money to constantly clean your Windows system of the latest virus?

Get Linux.


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  1. dogbert0360

    “Amen, Brother!”
    I’ve made the switch to Linux and haven’t looked back. Working on my wife to make the switch.

  2. Troy

    Thing is, I make 69.99 per computer for virus clean-off and which takes about 10-20 minutes. Why would I want to convert people to the system I use when it would dip into my gravy train? I say let the sheep go “bahhhh” so the wolves can make money. Capitalism at it’s best.

  3. Padma

    Troy: You might not want to (and I don’t blame you – that works out to 200 – 400 dollars per hour), but some small percentage of those sheep might like the option. And for them, you could still provide ‘support’, it would just be different.

    I am reminded of the time, a year or so ago, that Ken Starks (aka ‘helios’) got punched out by a ‘Geek Squad’ type, because Ken’s Linux advocacy was “taking food off my kids’ table”.

  4. Troy

    Padma: Oh, I have given that option in the past. Let me tell you, it just ain’t happening. Sheep like being sheep. It’s in their comfort zone. The majority of folks who would convert to GNU would clean their OWN computers, not pay someone else to do it. Most would rather pay up than re-learn something. I just got tired of beating my head against a wall and decided to give the sheep what they want.

    I still advocate, just not to these types. You wouldn’t believe some of the reasons I hear why they won’t even try it. I have even given away live cd’s and suggested to use that for internet access instead. I still get the same sheep back. Kinda funny.

    • Mark


      I’d like to hear those reasons.:) Seriously, email them to me.:) It’d make an interesting blog post.:)

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