Copyright 2013 Mark Szorady.  Distributed by

Copyright 2013 Mark Szorady. Distributed by

I had a lot of fun drawing his particular “Double Take” cartoon.  First off, I like drawing cliffs, ledges and rocks.  I really enjoy playing with and arranging the lines.  I find the end result to be visually appealing.  Add to that an upside down dog, and it becomes humorous and all the more visually interesting.

Enjoy finding the differences!

Answers: (Click, hold down, and move your mouse to the right of the arrow to reveal the answer)===============> (1)Hair different; (2) Dog ear missing; (3) Dog tongue moved; (4) Mountain missing; (5) Cliff different; (6) Shirt stripe missing; (7) “Sticky” changed to “‘Ol Glue”

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