My bookshelf in the summer studio.

My bookshelf in the summer studio.

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog.  I’ve been busy.  Mostly, I’ve been drawing my cartoon features for print syndication.  The other past-time keeping me from this blog has been summer reading.

As many readers know, I’ve posted about my love of reading and the books contained on my Kindle.  Since relocating, I’m once again closer to a local library ( I was previously living way out in the sticks).  And the library, once more, has opened up the world of books to me.  Whoever said, “Too many books, so little time” was certainly correct.  

This local library has a wonderful collection of hardbound books and Ebooks.  You can borrow for 21 days and renew via the internet.  It’s a terrific system. 

The television sits quietly in the room.

Since the warmer weather moved in, I’ve traveled around the world with Mark Twain in his “Following the Equator.”  Next up was “The Gold Coast” by Nelson DeMille.   Because Gatsby is referenced in this book, I followed with “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

“Butch Cassidy the Lost Years” by William W. Johnstone was a terrific “What if” western.  Then came “tell all” biographies “Johnny Carson” by Henry Bushkin and “Mr. S.  My Life with Frank Sinatra” by George Jacobs.

So far, it’s been a full summer of reading.  And reading also recharges the creative juices for cartooning.  I guess having all this input allows for new comic material.

I’m about to begin a fantasy book much in the mold of Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings.”  Fellow Linux users recommended “Eragon” by  Christopher Paolini.

The television sits quietly in the room.


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